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FCB-ER8530 SONY Zoom camera automatic exposure (AE) mode details

With regard to the Automatic Exposure mode (AE) of the SONY FCB-ER8530, various automatic exposure functions can be used to effectively output high-quality pictures in low to high lighting conditions. Today, Xuan Zhan technology (SONY official authorized distributor) specially for you to introduce in detail.


1. Automatic mode

The FCB-ER8530’s fully automatic exposure mode adjusts exposure automatically with automatic aperture, gain and shutter speed.


2. Gain limit setting mode

Gain limits can be set at Full Auto, shutter priority, and aperture priority in Auto exposure mode, which the FCB-ER8530 can use when you want to get images where signal-to-noise ratios are particularly important.


3. Gain point setting mode

Set the FCB-ER8530 gain point between 0dB and the gain limit. When the set gain value is reached, the shutter speed can be changed from this point on. This setting can be used to photograph objects in motion.


4. Shutter priority mode

The FCB-ER8530 can be adjusted freely by the user (1/1 to 1/10,000 seconds). 16 high shutter speeds plus 6 low shutter speeds for a total of 22 steps.


If the FCB-ER8530 is set with a slow shutter, the speed can be adjusted according to the brightness of the subject. Image output is read from memory at a normal rate. Memory is updated from CMOS at a lower rate. AF tracking capability is reduced and the number of display frames is reduced.

 FCB-ER8530 SONY Zoom camera automatic exposure (AE) mode details - Sony Camera Information - 1

Comparison of exposure modes (underexposure, normal exposure, overexposure)

In high speed mode, the shutter speed can be set to 1/10,000th of a second. The aperture and gain can be set automatically according to the user’s brightness, and with automatic aperture and gain, the shutter is set to 1/100 second to eliminate flicker at the 50 Hz power frequency.


5. Aperture priority mode

The FCB-ER8530 can manually adjust the variable aperture from F1.8 to CLOSE. The optional aperture values are: F1.8, F2, F2.4, F2.8, F3.4, F4, F4.8, F5.6, F6.8, F8, F9.6, F11, F14, CLOSE, a total of 14 steps, automatic gain and shutter speed.


6. Manual mode

In manual mode, the user can manually adjust the FCB-ER8530 shutter speed, aperture and gain to different values.


7. Brightness priority mode

Brightness adjustment with variable iris and gain (close to f1.8.14 steps and F1.8 at 15 steps), the FCB-ER8530 brightness control function adjusts gain and aperture using an internal algorithm according to the brightness level freely set by the user. Exposure is controlled by gain in the dark and by aperture in the bright. Since both gain and aperture are fixed, this mode is used for exposure with fixed sensitivity of the FCB-ER8530 camera. When switching from full Auto or shutter priority mode to brightness mode, the current state is briefly retained for a period of time. You can only switch to “Brightness mode” when AE mode is set to “Full Auto” or shutter priority.


When the FCB-ER8530 switches from shutter priority mode to brightness mode, the shutter speed set in shutter priority mode will remain unchanged.


8. Spot exposure mode

In FCB-ER8530 fully automatic exposure mode, the spot level of the whole screen is calculated to determine the optimal aperture, gain and other spot levels. In spot automatic exposure, a specific part of the subject can be specified, and then the image of that part can be weighted to calculate a value, so as to optimize the aperture, gain, etc., and obtain a clear picture. For example, in an image with a lot of motion and different brightness levels, the part that does not change much can be specified as such a “spot of light”, the screen variation can be minimized in the area shown below, the range of vertical 16 blocks and horizontal 16 blocks can be specified, the level is calculated from the values of the surrounding blocks (shadows), including the specified central block, The range of the spot exposure frame is fixed to 5 vertical blocks and 4 horizontal blocks.

FCB-ER8530 SONY Zoom camera automatic exposure (AE) mode details - Sony Camera Information - 2

FCB-ER8530 spot exposure mode

As long as you learn the automatic exposure mode of SONY FCB-ER8530, the automatic exposure mode of other SONY cameras is similar. This article explains in detail. If you have any questions about the automatic exposure mode or other functions of SONY cameras, you can contact “Shenzhen Xuanzhan Technology”. The fully automatic exposure mode of FCB-ER8530 can be used.


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