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Talk about the optical zoom on the SONY autofocus camera

1. What is optical zoom?

Today I’m going to talk to you about the optical zoom of SONY autofocus camera. Optical zoom is produced by changing the position of lens, object and focus. When the image plane moves in the horizontal direction, the Angle of view and focal length will change, and the distant scenery will become clearer, which makes people feel the sense of progressive object.

The English name of Optical Zoom is optical zoom. SONY autofocus camera relies on the optical lens structure to achieve zoom. The way of optical zoom is similar to that of traditional 35mm camera, that is, to zoom in and out of the objects to be photographed by moving the lens.


Talk about the optical zoom on the SONY autofocus camera - Sony Camera Information - 1


2. optical zoom and digital zoom differences

Another key point of optical zoom lens is the zoom ability. The so-called zoom ability includes optical zoom and digital zoom. Both are good for magnifying distant objects in distant shots, but only optical zoom allows you to add more pixels to the subject of the image, making it both larger and relatively sharper.

Digital zoom is to change the size of the imaging surface, that is, to change the diagonal length of the imaging surface. Digital zoom is to cut out a small piece of the obtained image for interpolation processing, so as to create the illusion of lengthening the focal length of the lens. In fact, it does not change the focal length of the lens, but to enlarge or shrink the area of each pixel in the image through the adjustment of the electronic system. Digital zoom will blur the image.


3. Application of optical zoom

Optical zoom is an important part of the camera. High quality video is captured by it. It is an indispensable part of the camera.

In SONY auto focus camera, the optical zoom multiple is 10 times, 20 times, 30 times three common, three different multiples of the camera presented different effects, applicable to slightly different industries.


In the security monitoring and intelligent medical industry, of course, 30x optical zoom camera is more suitable, can effectively output high-definition real picture, SONY auto focus camera FCB-EW9500H and FCB-EV7520 are 30x optical zoom, among which FCB-EW9500H or 30x enhanced optical zoom, Can be selected according to their own needs.


Talk about the optical zoom on the SONY autofocus camera - Sony Camera Information - 2

FCB-EV7520+HDMI HD interface board


If it is aerial UAV and medical equipment, it needs more accurate precision, optical zoom 20 times is enough, in fact, 10 or 30 times can also be, SONY FCB-ER8530 is 20x optical zoom 4K ultra HD auto focus camera, can meet the strict requirements of aerial UAV and medical equipment industry.


So, what industries can 10x optical zoom cameras be used for? The SONY FCB-EV7100 unique components and superior performance meet the requirements of the 10x optical zoom camera used by most users in the dental and plumbing robotics industries.





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