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FCB-EV7100 auto focus camera, small size in the security monitoring system, large energy

How to choose the camera of security monitoring system? It is not about choosing the best, but choosing the one that suits the needs of the industry itself. FCB-EV7100 is a SONY 7 series HD movement module with small size, small weight and low power consumption. So, in the security monitoring industry, SONY FCB-EV7100 auto focus camera small size is how to activate large energy?


FCB-EV7100 auto focus camera, small size in the security monitoring system, large energy - Sony Camera Information - 1

Security monitoring camera selection basis


1, camera definition: In the security monitoring industry, the higher the clarity of the camera is more conducive to capturing the details of the object, such as the current bank monitoring system in the counter using high-definition cameras can be more clearly monitoring ticket denomination, the same in the safe city monitoring system, high-definition cameras can be very clear to capture the details of each picture, Therefore, the high-definition camera is an important parameter for the selection of safe city construction equipment.


Security surveillance camera

2, the color of the camera: the automatic focus camera has two kinds of black and white and color, usually the horizontal clarity of the black and white camera is higher than the color camera, and the black and white camera is more sensitive than the color camera, which is more suitable for the place where the light line is insufficient and the night light is dark. However, the color image is easy to distinguish the color of the clothing and the scene, which is convenient to obtain and distinguish the real-time information of the scene in time. One of the main construction purposes of safe city is to combat and prevent crime, so the color signal recognition function of the camera is the most important, including the identification of the outline, clothing, expression and other aspects of the micro color signal of the criminal suspect or criminal, and at the same time to meet the monitoring of the environment where the light is relatively weak, so in order to meet the monitoring needs of the safe city all day. An autofocus camera with color to black to white function must be selected.


The auto focus camera FCB-EV7100 uses SONY’s new 1/2.8 TYPE Exmor R CMOS sensor, 10x optical zoom lens, high-definition shooting mode and day and night switching function, even in poor light at night, it can effectively output high-definition pictures.


3, the camera illuminance: the luminous flux received on the unit illuminated area is called illuminance. Lux(LUX) is the illumination of a beam of nominal brightness (lumens) uniformly shining over an area of lm2. The sensitivity of the camera is expressed by the lowest illuminance, which is that the camera takes a specific test card as the intake standard, when the lens aperture is 0.4, the illuminance of the light source is adjusted, and the video signal amplitude at the output end is measured by the oscilloscope at 10% of the rated value, and the illuminance of the test card is the lowest illuminance of the camera. So in fact, the illumination of the subject is about 10 times more than the minimum illumination to obtain a clearer image.


In banks, business halls, service halls and other only daytime use of monitoring systems, there is not much requirement for the low illumination of the camera, SONY FCB-EV7100 in high sensitivity mode, color: 0.35lx (F1.8, automatic gain control on, 1/30 second), in these areas of local monitoring systems, the choice of the FCB-EV7100 camera is more than adequate.


However, if the street lights are insufficient, or there are no street lights at all, these areas put forward a severe test of the camera’s low illumination function. Under normal circumstances, the illumination of the half moon is only 0.2LX, which means that in this environment, imaging and full-real-time images must require the illumination of the camera to reach 0.02LX, in this case, you can choose a lower illumination FCB-CV7520, FCB-EV9500M and other SONY popular cameras. Ensure that there will be no tailing phenomenon, so as not to bring a lot of inconvenience to real-time monitoring and investigation and evidence collection.


4, the wide dynamics of the camera: in some occasions where the contrast between light and dark is too large, the general camera sensitivity characteristics are limited, and the images taken often appear too bright or too dark in the background. In view of this situation, wide dynamic technology comes into being and solves this problem well. Before this, traditional cameras generally take the backlight compensation function to adapt to the occasion of large light contrast.


The object in the traditional camera field of view in the higher brightness of the background light, you need to look at the door or outside the window of the object, usually using the central backlight compensation (BLC) mode, it is mainly by improving the brightness of the central part of the field of view, reduce the brightness of the surrounding part of the field of view to see the object in the central position. However, although the backlight compensation improves the brightness of the shooting subject, the image quality will be degraded more or less.


SONY FCB-EV7100 auto focus camera relies on its own sensor excellent wide dynamics, can effectively deal with the occasion of excessive contrast between light and dark, and output uniform picture quality, to provide a strong guarantee for security monitoring system.


FCB-EV7100 auto focus camera, small size in the security monitoring system, large energy - Sony Camera Information - 2

FCB-EV7100+3G-SDI interface board



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