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Application of 4k auto focus camera in security monitoring

With the development of technology and the improvement of transmission conditions, people’s demand for the clarity of monitoring images is getting higher and higher, and the most obvious advantage of 4K technology is the improvement of display resolution, making the monitoring picture more fine. There are two key factors affecting the fineness of the picture in monitoring: one is the number of picture pixels, and the other is the vertical resolution of the picture. The more pixels a picture has, the finer it appears on a picture of the same size, and the smaller the lattice.

Application of 4k auto focus camera in security monitoring - Sony Camera Information - 1

4k UHD camera

The human eye is very sensitive to the vertical resolution of the image, the higher the vertical resolution, the more detail and level the human eye can perceive. The application effect of 4K technology in the field of monitoring is to increase the number of pixels at the same time, but also enhance the vertical resolution of the picture, making the details and levels of the picture more accurate, and with the monitoring of wide-angle special lens, can achieve greater monitoring coverage. The impact of 4K on the security industry, in 4K resolution, the system can obtain more detailed features, clearly present the original appearance of the monitoring site, and can achieve intelligent analysis applications for license plate recognition, face recognition and behavior detection.


(1) Ultra high-definition picture quality

Now widely used 1080P full HD, its pixel point is 2 million, 4K resolution equivalent to 4 1080P, 8 720P, that is, a 4K surveillance camera can be used as 4 quasi high-definition surveillance cameras. Use ultra high resolution to capture ultra high definition images for video surveillance, even if the picture is enlarged, it will not cause a blurred picture.


(2) Wide Angle: synchronous presentation of large range and small details

The 4K camera can solve the monitoring problem of large scenes, and the application of a 4K camera can cover the square in front of the railway station, while basically being able to see the face of pedestrians. Secondly, the same field of view, than the 1080P camera to see more image details, such as faces, license plates, etc., these details are often very critical in practical applications.


(3) High codec video system: color levels are distinct

4K ultra HD uses a 10-bit or even 12-bit video codec system, which is very clear for color processing, whether it is the gray level transition or the level of color depth performance, it is better than the HD system, and the color layer sense and picture sense are enhanced, more truly restore life. Hd applications are similar, 4k ultra HD video surveillance system in addition to the front-end collection of video data, but also the back-end image video storage, transmission, encoding and decoding and intelligent analysis to match it. From the core image sensor, the amount of data generated by ultra-high-definition video acquisition is about 2 to 4 times that of high-definition video data, and the acquisition performance requirements for indicators such as resolution, high quantization level, wide color gamut, high dynamic range and high signal-to-noise ratio are also greatly improved.





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