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What are the advantages of 4k surveillance cameras

Compared with traditional surveillance cameras, 4K surveillance cameras are known as ultra-high-definition surveillance equipment in the field of surveillance. This is because it is four times higher than 1080P resolution, which is called HD or full HD. 4K enlarged video images can still achieve 1080P image effect. So what are the advantages of 4K surveillance cameras?


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4K common resolution has two specifications of 3840*2160 and 4096*2160 pixels, under this standard, CMOS progressive scan can reach 2160P. Using 4K HD network camera picture quality compared to 2 million pixels, the vertical resolution is higher, the picture detail level is more, the display is clearer, more clean and delicate, more immersive feeling, can effectively solve the need for high-definition picture quality and light complex place monitoring needs.

The qualitative change brought by 4k cameras to the security industry is that the image is higher definition and richer details; Higher resolution will always be eye-catching and addictive; Thus creating more customer demand, for security manufacturers means more market opportunities. The emergence of 4K cameras has brought a new tipping point to the security market. For manufacturers in the security industry, naturally, they will not miss this huge market opportunity.

For video surveillance, image clarity is undoubtedly the most critical feature. The clearer the image, the more obvious the details, the better the viewing experience, and the higher the accuracy of applications such as intelligence. So image clarity is the eternal pursuit of video surveillance. How to choose a better 4K surveillance camera, under normal circumstances, you need to understand all the functions that the surveillance camera should have, according to the application environment to choose whether it needs day and night conversion, wide dynamic, noise reduction, fog penetration, HLC (high highlight correction function, taking license plates at night, not over exposure) and other functions, 4K monitoring can be applied to ultra-wide lane monitoring, safe city panoramic monitoring, public security GIS map command and so on.


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The most obvious performance of 4K technology is that its display resolution has been improved, making the picture more detailed. There are two important key factors affecting the fineness of the picture, one is the pixel of the picture, and the other is the vertical resolution of the picture. The higher the pixels of the picture, the finer the pixels on the same size picture, the smaller the lattice. Because the human eye is very sensitive to the vertical resolution of the image, the higher the vertical resolution, the more detail and level the human eye can discern. Secondly, the enhancement of color levels and details makes the picture closer to real life.





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