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Introduction of Sony FCB-EV9520L features: Optical zoom

FCB-EV9520L is a new high-definition zoom camera block launched by Sony. Most of its functional specifications are superior to previous models. What I share with you today is its optical zoom. We mainly talk about its definition and main features of optical zoom, as well as its application:


What is optical zoom?



Optical zoom refers to the zooming in and out of images by adjusting the focal length of the lens without causing image distortion or quality loss. It is achieved by physically changing the propagation path of light, so it is called optical zoom. FCB-EV9520L uses a 30x optical zoom lens, which means that the target object can be enlarged to 30 times than its original size without losing details or resolution of the image, maintaining the clarity and fineness of the image.


Features of optical zoom for FCB-EV9520L


Features of optical zoom for FCB-EV9520L


High-quality images: Optical zoom does not lose image quality because it is achieved by adjusting the focal length of the lens rather than processing the image through software.


Real-time adjustment: FCB-EV9520L has fast autofocus, which can adjust the focus in real time, zoom in or out of the image according to actual needs, and provide a clearer and more detailed view.


Lossless magnification: The 30x optical zoom of FCB-EV9520L is lossless, even without losing detail or resolution at 30x zoom in, maintaining the clarity and delicacy of the image.


Wide field of view: The optical zoom of FCB-EV9520L has a wide field of view, which can cover a larger area and provide more comprehensive visual information.


Applications of optical zoom for FCB-EV9520L

Drone aerial photography: FCB-EV9520L carrying 30x optical zoom can provide more shooting options in drone aerial photography, and can adapt to the needs of different scenes. It can be adjusted from wide angle to telephoto, providing More flexible shooting options. Whether you are taking wide landscape photos or observing distant targets, the 30x optical zoom can provide the required field of view.


Security monitoring: FCB-EV9520L using 30x optical zoom lens can realize remote monitoring and detailed observation of the target area, and FCB-EV9520L can automatically adjust the focus as needed to quickly adapt to different monitoring needs.


Search and rescue: FCB-EV9520L going with 30x optical zoom can aid search and rescue operations. It can magnify target objects to 30 times than their original size, allowing users to observe and identify them at long distances. This is useful for applications that require monitoring of large areas or detailed observation of target objects.


Applications of optical zoom for FCB-EV9520L


Industrial inspection and measurement: FCB-EV9520L can be used for industrial inspection and measurement, such as inspecting and measuring equipment at long distances or at high places. And there will be no loss of image quality, no loss of image detail or resolution.


Based on Sony’s new zoom camera block FCB-EV9520L as an example, we made a good explanation of optical zoom from the three aspects of definition, main features and applications. If you still have questions about the specifications, please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.





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