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SONY FCB-EW9500H:high quality image and outstanding performance

FCB-EW9500H is a high-definition camera module with 4 mega pixels launched by SONY. It is a camera module specially designed for surveillance, security, medical and industrial vision fields. This article will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the product’s image quality, performance, and functions to help users understand its advantages and applications.



  1. Image quality performance

FCB-EW9500H adopts a 1/1.8-inch STARVIS CMOS sensor with 4MP (2160P/60) full HD resolution. The sensor delivers excellent image quality in a variety of lighting conditions, with clear details, vibrant colors and low noise levels. Especially in low-light conditions, the high sensitivity of the STARVIS sensor ensures stable and clear image quality. By comparing the actual pictures and videos taken, we can see the excellent performance of FCB-EW9500H in image restoration and detail capture.


  1. Zoom ability

The lens focal length range of the FCB-EW9500H is 6.5 mm to 162.5 mm. This means it can capture a wide range of scenes at varying distances.


At the same time, it is equipped with 30x enhanced optical zoom and 12x digital zoom capabilities. This zoom combination allows users to easily capture distant details without worrying about loss of image quality. The zoom is smooth and smooth, easy to operate, and suitable for various applications. Through actual testing, we found that the zoom function of this camera module is very sensitive and the auto-focus speed is very fast. Whether it is long-distance shooting or close-up detail capture, whether it is a still picture or a moving object, it can satisfy the user’s needs.


  1. Interface and control

FCB-EW9500H supports 2160P/60 HDMI video output. It can be connected to the 4K-HDMI interface board and 12G-SDI interface board independently developed by Xuanzhan Technology through the LVDS interface . It is plug-and-play and does not require any settings to output 4K HDMI ultra-high definition video signal.


In addition, FCB-EW9500H also supports multiple protocols, such as VISCA and PELCO-D/P protocols, which allow users to operate and control the camera through remote control and integrated systems. This is very convenient for users who need to control the camera from a remote location or integrate the camera into other systems.


  1. Weight loss version

The appearance design of FCB-EW9500H is simple and modern. Its dimensions are approximately 56.0mm*64.0mm*125.0mm (width*height*length), and its weight is approximately 439 grams. Such size and weight have certain limitations in some applications. In response to this limitation, Xuanzhan Technology has specially developed a weight-reducing body case for the FCB-EW9500H. The focus is on reducing the weight of the camera module. This improvement makes the FCB-EW9500H reduce the weight of the zoom camera. Weighing reduction to 310 grams, it helps reduce load-bearing pressure and improves the stability and controllability of the equipment, making it more suitable for some special applications , such as aerospace, robots, drones, etc.


  1. Other outstanding functions

The excellent performance of the FCB-EW9500H camera module relies on the comprehensive performance and functions of multiple aspects, including:

Super image stabilization: Even in severe environments with severe shaking, image blur can be greatly improved, resulting in very accurate videos.

New three-area function : The FCB-EW9500H camera module’s area autofocus, area autoexposure, and area autowhite balance can automatically adjust based on specific areas in the image to ensure the best image quality under different light and environmental conditions.


Wide dynamic range: It can still output clearer and more accurate images in the environment where high brightness and high darkness exist at the same time.



This evaluation mainly tests the image quality performance, zoom capability, interface and control, and weight reduction of the SONY FCB-EW9500H camera block. It confirms the excellent performance of the FCB-EW9500H from multiple dimensions and its ability to provide high-quality Picture quality.



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