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FCB-EW9500H high-definition camera acquires color images in ICR ON mode

The meaning of ICR ON mode

ICR is the abbreviation of Infrared Cut-off Removable in English, which means infrared cut-off removable. ICR ON mode refers to a working mode in the camera that automatically switches between day and night by controlling the position of the infrared cut filter. The ICR ON function of FCB-EW9500H can output more realistic color images under weak light.




How ICR ON mode works

During the day, ICR ON mode places the IR cut filter in place to improve image quality and color reproduction. This can prevent the interference of infrared light, making the pictures taken during the day clearer and more realistic.


In the dark or low-light environment, the ICR ON mode will automatically move the infrared cut filter to allow infrared light to pass through, improving the low-light performance of the camera and obtaining clearer night images. This can meet the needs of night monitoring and allow surveillance cameras to work well under different light conditions.


SONY’s traditional camera products can only generate black and white images when the infrared filter is removed (when it is sensitive to infrared light). The FCB-EW9500H adopts the new ICR ON COLOR (night-sensing infrared color mode) function, which allows the camera to effectively obtain color visibility in dark environments, and can achieve color when the infrared filter is removed and infrared light is sensed. Image output.


Advantages of ICR ON mode

High color reproduction: The ICR ON mode of FCB-EW9500H can automatically adjust the position of the infrared cut filter to ensure the color reproduction of the captured image, allowing the target to be observed more clearly.


High picture clarity: Color images have more details and clarity than black and white images. FCB-EW9500H can help users identify targets more accurately by acquiring color images in ICR ON mode.


Applicable to multiple scenes: FCB-EW9500H can acquire color images in ICR ON mode and is suitable for different application scenarios. Whether it is a day with sufficient light or a night with insufficient light, it can display colorful images to meet the user’s expectations for the camera effect. requirements.


ICR ON mode application scenarios

Security monitoring: Whether it is day or night, the ICR ON mode can ensure the color restoration and clarity of the monitoring screen, allowing monitoring personnel to identify people or objects more clearly and improve the monitoring effect.




Industrial production: In industrial production, color images in ICR ON mode can help monitor product quality on the production line, monitor equipment operating status in real time, and improve production efficiency.


Traffic monitoring: In road monitoring, ICR ON mode can capture the true colors of vehicles and pedestrians, helping traffic management departments monitor traffic flow and accidents.


In general, the FCB-EW9500H’s ICR ON mode to acquire color images is suitable for various monitoring scenarios. It has the advantages of high color restoration, high picture definition, and multi-scene applicability. It can provide users with more accurate images during the day and night. Accurate and clear monitoring images improve monitoring effectiveness and reliability.




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