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Sony FCB-CX11DP and FCB-EX11DP pipeline inspection robot solutions

Sony FCB-CX11DP and FCB-EX11DP pipeline inspection robot solutions


The Replacement Solutions for the Pipeline Inspection Robot Concerning the Discontinuation of SONY FCB-EX11D and FCB-EX11DP


What is the replacement solution for the pipeline inspection robot which was integrated with Sony FCB-EX11D and FCB-EX11DP &(FCB-CX11D/P) since the discontinuation of the camera blocks? Shenzhen Xuanzhan Technology Co., Ltd. (Hereafter refers to We) advises the following solutions. Unless otherwise noted in the following text, “FCB-EX11D/P” refers to both the FCB-EX11D and the FCB-EX11DP.

Remarks: As CX series is specially for China Market, hereafter we mention only EX series. We would like to point out that no matter CX or EX series, they share the same specifications and technical Manual. They are from the same Sony family.

Sony FCB-CX11DP and FCB-EX11DP pipeline inspection robot solutions

About Sony FCB-EX11D/P

With its excellent picture quality, compact size, and feature-rich design, the FCB-EX11D/P is ideal for a wide range of applications. For surveillance applications, this camera is well-suited for integration with mini speed dome, fixed-type, and Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras. It can also be used in low vision systems, police vehicles, and for underground inspection of oil and gas pipelines.


About the availability of Sony FCB-EX11D/P

FCB-EX11D/P was discontinued in the year of 2012. So it is hard to find the cameras on the secondary market. And the brand-new cameras are impossible to be obtained anywhere.


About the output video signal of Sony FCB-EX11D/P

FCB-EX11D/P transmitted the CVBS signal. And that signal system is out-of-date. The digital output domains the most applications in various industries. Since the standard definition signal is transmitted through the coaxial cable with 75 Omron, currently only those signals, such as HD-SDI,TVI,CVI and AHD can transmit the high definition signal through the coaxial cable.


About the back-end display and system operation

Since the video signals have been upgraded from standard definition to high definition, the back-end display solution will be the key point for the selection of the replacement camera.



About the replacement solutions for the pipeline inspection robot

We would like to advise some of the solutions concerning the discontinuation of Sony FCB-EX11D/P.

Here are some solutions offered:


  1. Concerning the size dimension

Due to the small form factor of FCB-EX11D/P, customers face the difficulty to replace it. We advise 4 types of 10X cameras available to replace FCB-EX11D/P, although the size of each is a little larger than FCB-EX11D/P.

Camera Details:

Camera Size Pixel Output Interface
FCB-EV7100 45.6*48.8*78.0MM 2.10MP LVDS
VRS-MH8100 31.9*41.5*58.4MM 2.10MP LVDS
VRS-HD5100 43.8*44.0*60.6MM 2.10MP SDI(or TVI)+CVBS sync output
VRS-HD5101 43.8*44.0*60.6MM 2.10MP LVDS
VRS-HD4410 43.8*50.8*62.7MM Around 4MP IP


The LVDS interface adopts digital video signal, which can be converted into HD-SDI, HDMI, IP, and USB3.0 signals through different interface boards.

If the installation space is not a problem for the replacement, VRS-HD5100 will be good solution for the users from the cost point of view, which has CVBS signal available.

If the signal is updated to 2MP, it is advised that IP camera will be preferred concerning its lower hardware cost. But the R&D for the display system might be costed. Luckily there is a solution that reduces R&D costs: USB3.0 interface.

The only thing to do for obtaining the USB3.0 interface output is that you just need to modify the resolution of the display.

Due to the small form factor of FCB-EX11DP

  1. Concerning the transmission cables

Coaxial line can transmit those signals: CVBS, HD-SDI, TVI, CVI, and AHD. But the control signal and power supply cannot share the same cable. Each of them needs one individual cable to support their transmission. And the network cable is capable to transmit the IP video format, also can simultaneously transmit the control signal and power supply (power is limited).


  1. Concerning the transmission distance

The distance of CVBS transmission can reach around 200 meters, and can reach around 500 meters through the transmitters. The distance of HD-SDI transmission is normally around 100 meters, and can reach around 500 meters through the transmitters. And the normal transmission of TVI, CVI and AHD is around 200~300M. Network transmission is around 100M. The maximum distance for the USB3.0 cable is only 5 meters. Optical fiber transmission distance is more than 1 KM. ( The HD-SDI, HDMI, IP, and USB3.0—- all have corresponding converters to be converted into optical fiber signals)


  1. Concerning the capturing display

CVBS belongs to the previous standard, with a corresponding capture card,and it is very cheap. The SDI signal adopts the radio and television standard, and there is capture card in the market but it is expensive.

The capture cards for TVI and CVI interfaces are not available in the market. And there might be capture card for AHD but rarely production is available.

Acquisition card is not required for IP network transmission,which can go directly to the computer and tablet. USB3.0 transmission does not need a collection card either, so you can access to the computer and tablet directly .

Pipeline inspection robot scheme

  1. Concerning the resolution and delay

If we make a resolution ranking of the above mentioned video display modes, the highest group will be HD-SDI, HDMI, USB3.0 (USB3.0 includes YUV and MPGA, YUV is the original video and MPGA is compressed video), and the higher group will be TVI, the third group will be CVI and AHD. And the last group will be IP network signal. The problem with the delay is occurred during the video compressing. HD-SDI, HDMI and USB3.0 can be transmitted over the original video signal. The TVI needs to be compressed a little bit. CVI and AHD need a little more compression. IP is the most compressed one. HD-SDI, HDMI & USB3.0 ideally is no delay. Well in real cases, there will be a delay and its delay will be about 1 frame. No specific data are available for the time delay for the TVI, CVI and AHD.The delay of the IP network is generally between 300 and 500 meters.


  1. Concerning the displays systems

Usually the pipeline inspection robot adopts the analogue signal in the analogue generation. And if the replacement solution is selected properly, the display system could be continued for operation. And if it is upgraded to high definition display, the corresponding display system needs to be completely redesigned.


  1. Concerning the mold modification

Due to the selection of the camera size, the users may need to modify the mold of the case if the size is not as same as that of FCB-EX11D/P.

Pipeline inspection robot

  1. Concerning the introduction and advantage of the mentioned HD video signals



HD-SDI refers to the HD digital component serial interface. The HD-SDI serial digital interface standard was established in 1999. It is the worldwide standard protocol for broadcast television, which transmits delay-free (or only low sensory-free), compression-free, HD HD-SDI image signals via coaxial cable. The application of this technology in the field of surveillance plays an important role in promoting the CCTV industry from analogue to HD monitoring generation.

Advantages: ease of use, non-compression, high-definition real-time, high utilization rate.



HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface ) is a kind of fully digital video and sound transmission interface that can send uncompressed audio and video signals. HDMI can be used in set-top boxes, DVD players, personal computers, TVs, game consoles, integrated enlargement machines, digital audio and television sets. HDMI can send both audio and video signals simultaneously. Because the audio and video signals share the same wire, the installation of the system lines is greatly simplified.

Advantages: ease of use, non-compression, high-definition real-time, high utilization rate.



The USB is one of the most widely used computer extension interfaces. At present, the majority of capture cards for USB interface can only collect standard definition signals. The USB3.0 capture module developed by our company is suitable for the SONY FCB EV / CV EH / CH series and for those of the same digital interfaces as the FCB series cameras. The users can connect the cameras through the LVDS interface to automatically identify the HD video format. It supports 720P/1080I/1080P frame rates, so that the images taken by the SONY FCB integrated camera are immediately displayed in the computer screen.

A Brief Introduction of USB3.0 Capture Module PCB-UD101 for SONY FCB EV/CV Zoom Color Camera Blocks

A Brief Introduction of USB3.0 Capture Module PCB-UD101 for SONY FCB EV/CV Zoom Color Camera Blocks

Advantages of our USB3.0 capture module:

A single wire solves all the problems:

Once the USB3.0 interface is connected to the computer through the USB3.0 cable, it can realize the output of the high-definition video signal, the serial port control signal and the power supply to the camera, so as to reduce other communication and power supply cables.



HD-TVI is the coaxial HD video transmission standard, which is a HD video transmission specification based on coaxial cable. we are not sure if it can make up for the existing defects of analog HD in the market as a new analog HD solution.

Advantages: longer transmission distance, lower costs, less storage capacity.



HDCVI HD solution, mainly using the HDCVI technology of DVR and analog cameras to form the basic subsystem. DVR and NVS are the converged node devices and deployed with analogue cameras.

Advantages: high performance, easy to operate, safe and reliable, low cost.



AHD is as simple and convenient to operate as traditional equipment. The transmission of the ordinary 75-3 coaxial cable can be up to 500 meters, breaking the transmission limit of the existing HD video transmission technology, and can achieve low-cost, long-distance, high-efficiency, anti-interference and easy to implement megapixel HD video transmission.

Advantages: low cost, long distance, high efficiency, anti-interference.

hd-sdi control panel

IP network signal

At present, the live signal of TV programs is realized through IP transmission, mainly relying on the network provided by the communication suppliers. When the live broadcast signal is encoded by the transmitting terminal coding device, a data stream can be transmitted in the communication network, and a unique IP address corresponding to the receiving terminal in the communication network is attached. When the data stream reaches the receiving terminal, the desired video and audio signal is generated by the decoding device. The technology of IP code device access to the communication network has become more and more mature, and the way of access to the network has become more and more rich, which can be connected through the wired network and wireless WiFi access, but also can use the mobile data network access. It can be said that, as long as there is network access, the IP transmission of live TV program signals can be realized.

Advantages: simple structure, safe and high efficiency, low transmission cost.


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