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How to choose security surveillance camera? SONY FCB-EV9500L is competent and capable

Security monitoring industry in the environment is very complex, there are day and night changes, sometimes insufficient light, sometimes too strong light, and too bright and dark at the same time, indoor and outdoor excessive, etc., in the face of fickle, harsh conditions of the environment, security industry users in the choice of cameras is not easy things.

SONY has specially launched the FCB-EV9500 series camera module for the security monitoring industry. In view of the complex and changeable and demanding requirements in this field, let Shenzhen Xuan Zhan Technology (SONY’s official authorized distributor) lead you to see how SONY FCB-EV9500L is competent for this role?


How to choose security surveillance camera? SONY FCB-EV9500L is competent and capable - Sony Camera Information - 1FCB-EV9500L

First, security monitoring industry requirements for cameras:

1. Minimum illumination

The minimum illumination is used to measure the camera in the dark environment can see an index, the lower the number, indicating that the camera sensitivity is higher, the better the performance.

Low light is when the camera can still take clear images under low light conditions. What we call starlight cameras is a level of low light cameras, usually classified as follows:

0.1Lux: dark light level

0.01Lux: moonlight level

0.001Lux and below: starlight level

Therefore, it can be said that the starlight camera refers to the camera that can still display clear color images without any auxiliary light source in the starlight illumination environment. It is a camera series launched to solve the image problem under low illumination.

Infrared night vision camera is mainly used in the dark environment without visible light or low light. The infrared lamp is used to actively project the infrared light onto the object, and the infrared light is reflected by the object and enters the lens for imaging. This method has become the most common application solution with the most mature technology, the widest application range and the highest cost performance.

2. Wide dynamic

Wide dynamic is a technique used to make both particularly bright and dark parts of the scene see particularly clearly.

Wide dynamic technology can be exposed to highlight and dark areas respectively, can suppress the over-bright areas, compensate the over-dark areas, so that the picture as a whole presents a more clear state.

How to choose security surveillance camera? SONY FCB-EV9500L is competent and capable - Sony Camera Information - 2

Security surveillance camera wide dynamic

3. Backlight compensation

Backlight compensation through targeted exposure technology, so that the camera can shoot in any environment, fully expose the designated area, to ensure the effect under the strong light background, so that users can accurately obtain the effect of their interest in the area.

4. Strong light suppression

When strong light (such as headlights) enters the monitoring range, the camera opens PLC (strong light suppression) function, which can weaken the strong light part and brighten the dark light part; It can effectively suppress the problem of large halo and blurred video image caused by strong light source, and achieve the effect of strong light suppression.

5. Privacy blocking

Within the scope of device monitoring, some areas can be shaded to protect privacy. In the monitoring area of an ATM, for example, where a user enters a password needs privacy.


How to choose security surveillance camera? SONY FCB-EV9500L is competent and capable - Sony Camera Information - 3

Security surveillance camera privacy occlusion

6. Switch day and night

1) Electronic day and night switching: using dual-pass filter, the camera internal program to achieve color to black and white function

2) Mechanical day and night switching: two filters are used, which are separated from day and night, and switched back and forth by motor or coil controller, so as to achieve better image effect.

7. Automatic gain

Automatic Gain Control (AGC). Gain refers to the signal amplification function of the sensor of the camera. Gain generally includes digital gain and analog gain. Analog gain is to amplify the electrical signal output in pixels, and digital gain is to amplify the electrical signal into digital signal. On the one hand, the greater the gain is, the greater the signal amplification is, and the higher the image brightness is, but the gain will also amplify the noise when amplifying the signal. On the other hand, an inappropriate gain can cause an image to be overexposed or too dark. Therefore, the appropriate automatic gain control is very important to the image effect. In the process of actual camera operation, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the environmental brightness and sensor noise to control the gain, so as to achieve the best image effect.

In the face of so many requirements in the security monitoring industry, is the SONY FCB-EV9500L camera really competent? Can you cope with the complex, changeable and demanding environment? Let’s first take a look at the functional parameters of FCB-EV9500L camera:

1, FCB-EV9500L uses a new image Sensor, 1/1.8 inch STARVIS CMOS Sensor, effective pixels about 4.17 million, 30 times enhanced optical zoom, with high sensitivity, high definition, high sensitivity.


2, FCB-EV9500L in the case of high sensitivity mode, the minimum illumination is: 0.00008lx (Shutter Speed: 1/30 s), is a real starlight camera. FCB-EV9500L can automatically switch mode according to the change of day and night light, and open the infrared color mode at night, and can also obtain more real color images at night.


3, in addition, FCB-EV9500L has high dynamic wide dynamic, backlight compensation, strong light suppression and automatic gain and other functions, can cope with a variety of complex external environment.





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