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Take SONY FCB-EW9500H as an example to explain what is a starlight camera

In the video security monitoring industry, the traditional use of infrared cameras at night, often have a short irradiation distance, uneven light, heat, and black and white picture quality at night, and the ordinary camera is the existence of problems such as delay trailing and discontinuous picture. With the development of technology, low illuminance performance indicators appear, and star level is a level of low illuminance. So, how do we understand the starlight camera, what are its characteristics and effects and applications?

Take SONY FCB-EW9500H as an example to explain what is a starlight camera - Sony Camera Information - 1

Starlight camera effect

First we need to understand the concept of illumination.

Illuminance, or light intensity, is a physical term for the amount of energy received by visible light per unit area. Unit: Lux, Lx. The basic principle of the low-light camera is to convert the optical image signal into electrical signal, but the signal is very weak, need to be amplified by the pre-put circuit, and then through a variety of circuits for processing and adjustment, and finally get the standard signal can be sent to the recording media such as video recording or display.

According to the different illuminance values of the camera, the normal working illuminance range of the camera is divided: the lowest illuminance value of the dark light level is 0.1~1 Lux, the moonlight type is about 0.01 Lux, and the starlight type needs to reach 0.001 Lux below.

SONY FCB-EW9500H in ICR-On mode, the minimum illumination can reach 0.00008lx, belongs to the star class camera.


Take SONY FCB-EW9500H as an example to explain what is a starlight camera - Sony Camera Information - 2



Therefore, we can know that the starlight camera refers to the case of low light (usually refers to the starlight environment without any auxiliary light source), can display a clear color image, different from the ordinary camera can only display black and white images. The feature of starlight camera is that we do not need infrared light or white light, and can achieve clear color monitoring picture without trailing at night.

How far can Starlight cameras go? After testing by Shenzhen Xuanzhan Technology, the SONY Starlight HD camera FCB-EW9500H can see the information on the business card in an all-black room. From here, we can see the advantages and wide application of starlight camera.

It can be seen that the function of starlight low illumination HD camera can not only achieve good night vision effect in the security monitoring industry, but also play a great role in realizing the requirements of special high-end industry. SONY FCB-EW9500H, FCB-EV9500M, FCB-EV9500L low light can reach the star level, in addition to many other features, such as super image stabilization, wide dynamic, 3D noise reduction, fog through and other functions.





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