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SONY CMOS imager High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology

High Dynamic Range, now Sony is adding high dynamic range to image sensors, There are two main methods: Binning Multiplexed Exposure HDR (BME-HDR) and Spatially Multiplexed Exposure (SME-HDR). Let’s take a look at the early imager high dynamic range technology, and then we’ll introduce the two new technologies.

We know that security monitoring products have high dynamic range function, its function is mainly to solve the problem of obtaining images in extremely dark, extremely bright environment, so that the monitoring equipment can play a preservation value in any environment, for monitoring products without high dynamic range function of the monitoring equipment will make the image overexposure and image can not be identified, resulting in the image can not be used. For high dynamic range image processing, Sony’s solution is to integrate this function on CMOS image sensors to improve the clarity of image details.

Sony’s high dynamic range technology leads the industry and proposes various ways to achieve high dynamic range. Sony’s high dynamic range technology in CMOS image sensors can be divided into multiple exposure type and DOL(Digital Overlap)- high dynamic range mode. Multiple exposure is two or four different degrees of exposure to an image; In other words, long exposure and short exposure images are combined. In addition, the image gain of different exposure times can be adjusted separately, as shown in the figure below.

SONY CMOS imager High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology - Sony Camera Information - 1

In addition, DOL-high dynamic range mode is to make three exposures of an image with different degrees, and use CMOS image sensor and image processor (ISP) to process the signal through linebuffer. This method is believed to improve the sharpness of the image under low illumination and make the image presentation closer to the reality, as shown in the figure below.


SONY CMOS imager High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology - Sony Camera Information - 2


The FCB-EV9520L, which will be available in the first half of 2023, has the same wide dynamic as Sony’s classic movement FCB-EV7520, which is 130dB.



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