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FCB-ES8230 SONY 4K Ultra HD camera function parameter protocol

Named for its horizontal pixel count (QFHD), 4K has a resolution of 8 million pixels (3840X2160), twice the horizontal and vertical resolution of full HD (1920×1080), and a total resolution of four times 1080P and eight times 720P.

SONY FCB-ES8230 is SONY’s new generation of large target area 4K ultra HD integrated camera core module. It is well received in the segmented market for its ability to present 4K broadcast grade images.

FCB-ES8230 SONY 4K Ultra HD camera function parameter protocol - Sony Camera Information - 1


Large target surface CMOS

SONY FCB-ES8230 uses 1/1 Exmor R CMOS, SNR is greater than 50dB, and has about 20.5 million pixels.

Compared with other 1/1.8 inch, 1/2.5 inch, 1/2.8 inch target surface CMOS, with a larger light sensitive area, more sensitive in low light imaging, reduce image noise, with a more bright, more layered picture, can output 4K broadcast level image surface.

12x optical zoom

SONY FCB-ES8230 has 12x optical zoom and 12x digital zoom function, and supports fast zoom operation (from wide Angle end to long end).

The camera movement has built-in optical image stabilization function, which can effectively offset the influence of low-frequency vibration and image blur and jitter generated in the process of movement. It is the preferred product for high-end business live broadcast, high-end video conference and HD camera modules required by surgical field cameras.

Responding to the complex external environment

In dealing with complex external environment, SONY FCB-ES8230 has more anti-interference means.

The first is the day-night switching function, which can timely switch the scene mode of day and night;

The electronic fog penetration function can effectively reduce the influence of fog and improve the clarity when the shooting target is in a fogy environment or low contrast;

Wide dynamic can suppress high highlights, so as to effectively reconcile the sharp bright contrast in the image.

FCB-ES8230 SONY 4K Ultra HD camera function parameter protocol - Sony Camera Information - 2

SONY FCB-ES8230 wide dynamic function effect

Appearance and size

Due to the large target surface CMOS, as well as better lenses, so in terms of volume and weight, its performance is “equal”.

SONY FCB-ES8230 has a volume and weight of up to 510g and an external dimension of 65*70*135mm.





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