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What are the advantages of HD sdi integrated camera?

Xuan Zhan technology found that now HD sdi cameras are used in many industries, especially in the field of security, so what are the advantages of HD sdi cameras? Next Xiaobian will be for you to analyze in detail.

Hd SDI integrated camera is a high-definition camera that is different from ordinary camera. The definition of HD comes from digital high-definition TV HDTV in the field of radio and television. It is a high-definition TV standard determined by SMPTE, which can support 1080p(1920×1080, interline scan), 720P(1280×720, line scan) and 1080P(1920×1080, line scan). The special requirements here are 16:9 display mode and full frame rate.

What are the advantages of HD sdi integrated camera? - Sony Camera Information - 1

HD sdi integrated camera

HD-SDI signals can be transmitted about 100 meters and can be transmitted by CVBS coaxial cable, so they are usually used in the signal transmission connection between field acquisition equipment and control equipment within 100 meters.

In the field of security monitoring, the application of high-definition cameras is also more prominent. Network HD with ONVIF and PSIA as the alliance and digital HD with HD-CCTV as the alliance are gradually occupying the future HD product market, and HD SDI camera products are slowly deepening into the security market. HD products from the beginning of analog monitoring to the later network monitoring, on the basis of network monitoring and derived from network HD monitoring, HD-SDI is playing a huge role.

Digital HD monitoring is the future development trend of the whole security market. The digital signal processed by HD-SDI products is transmitted through coaxial cable, and the video interface of the product is BNC interface. The transmission wire used is the national standard “75-5” video cable often seen in the project. Due to the habits of most users, many engineers, including Party A, are accustomed to calling HD-SDI digital HD “analog HD”. This is actually a mistake.

Since the equipment is connected by BNC interface, there is no need to rewire in the process of our use, as long as the front end and back end are replaced. The improvement of this technology saves us manpower and powerless costs.

Based on the characteristics of HD-SDI camera products, the advantages of its products are summarized as follows:

① Ease of use: because the HD-SDI camera products use the same system framework and analog monitoring system framework, 75-5 coaxial cable can be used to achieve system wiring, construction personnel and system operators do not need training, can get started faster.

② Non-compression :HD-SDI camera is not like IP network monitoring is the video signal after compression and packaging through the network transmission, it is the uncompressed digital signal on the coaxial cable high-speed transmission, the original image quality is very high will not be distorted.

(3) HD real-time :HD-SDI camera monitoring is not affected by the transmission network, there will be no IP network monitoring of the image delay problem, in real-time monitoring and HD requirements highlight the advantages of the occasion.

(4) High utilization rate: the resolution of the video output image of HD-SDI camera equipment is 1920×1080, and the density of camera points per unit area is greatly reduced. Provide more detail processing in the monitoring place, such as seeing faces, seeing license plates and other details.

According to the above analysis, it can be seen that HD sdi will be favored by more and more fields in the future life, of course, its superior performance will be more and more important in the field of security.





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