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Sony Camera Information

FCB – EV7520 | SONY camera zoom and autofocus

SONY FCB-EV7520, autofocus camera movement, equipped with 30x optical zoom and Fl.6 aperture bright lens (optical zoom + digital zoom = 360x), and has autofocus, which is also the SONY camera movement more excellent two features, as SONY’s official authorized distributor Xuanzhong technology, Have the obligation to explain in detail for SONY movement users.

FCB - EV7520 | SONY camera zoom and autofocus - Sony Camera Information - 1

FCB-EV7520+USB3.0 acquisition module


First, the zoom of FCB-EV7520

The SONY FCB-EV7520 uses a 30x optical zoom lens and has a digital zoom function that can zoom up to 360x.

1. FCB-EV7520 optical zoom

The optical zoom is 30x,f= 4.3 mm to 129 mm(f 1.6 to f 4.7), and the horizontal viewing Angle is approximately 63.7 degrees (wide end) to 2.3 degrees (distal end).


2. FCB-EV7520 digital zoom

Digital zoom magnifies the center of the subject by expanding each image in both vertical and horizontal directions. When using a 360x zoom. The number of effective image elements in each direction is reduced to 1/12, and the overall resolution decreases.


3. FCB-EV7520 zoom mode

Using standard mode using variable mode, there are 8 levels of zoom speed.

In these standard and variable modes, the scaling operation must be stopped.

(1) Direct mode

Set the zoom location to enable “Fast” to move to the specified location. Digital zoom supports zoom mode, combination mode off, and individual mode.

(2) Combination mode

This is the scaling method that existed before. After the optical zoom has reached its highest level the camera switches to digital zoom mode.

(3) Separation mode

In this mode, optical and digital zoom can be operated separately. You can use digital zoom magnification at any time from any level of optical magnification. About the continuous zoom position reply ZoomDirect mode, or according to the preset zoom, when the continuous zoom position reply is set to On through the command, the FCB-EV7520 outputs zoom position data. Continue to zoom position Reply :y0 07 04 69 0p 0p 0q 0q 0q 0q FF.

Pp: D- Zoom position

Qqqq: Zoom position


Two. FCB-EV7520 auto focus

The focus of the FCB-EV7520 has the following modes:

1. FCB-EV7520 auto focus mode

In autofocus mode, FCB-EV7520 has a minimum focus distance of 10mm at the wide end and 1200mm at the distal end, independent of the digital zoom. The Autofocus (AF) function automatically adjusts the focus position to maximize the high-frequency content of the image in the center measurement, taking into account the components of high brightness and strong contrast.

(1) Normal autofocus mode, which is the normal mode of autofocus operation.

(2) Interval autofocus mode A mode used for autofocus movement at a specific time interval. Using the Set time command, the time interval between the autofocus motion and the time interval between stops can be set in increments of one second. The initial setting for both is set to 5 seconds.

(3) Zoom Trigger mode When the zoom position is changed, it becomes AFmode during the preset value (the initial setting is 5 seconds). Then it stopped.

FCB - EV7520 | SONY camera zoom and autofocus - Sony Camera Information - 2

FCB-EV7520 auto focus effect

2. FCB-EV7520 autofocus sensitivity

You can set the switch of FCB-EV7520 autofocus sensitivity.

(1) Normal sensitivity

Achieve maximum focus speed quickly. Use this mode when photographing a frequently moving object. Often this is the most appropriate model.

(2) Low sensitivity

It can improve the stability of the focus. When the lighting level is low, the autofocus function does not work even if the brightness changes, helping to output a stable image.


3. FCB-EV7520 manual focus mode

Manual focus has two modes: standard mode and variable mode. Standard mode focus is fixed rate. The variable mode has eight speed levels. In these standard and variable modes, you need to send StopComirrtarid to stop the zoorii operation.


4. FCB-EV7520 One-click trigger mode

When a trigger command is sent, the lens is moved to adjust the focus of the subject. The focus lens then remains in position until the next trigger command is entered.

The near limit can be set in the range of 1000 (infinity) to F000(10 mm), initial setting: D000h (30 cm).





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