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SONY integrated camera zoom focus difference

Fixed as the name implies, prime focus is a lens with a fixed focal length, a single focus segment, or a single field of view, and no zoom function.

The design of the prime lens is much simpler than that of the zoom lens, but the general zoom lens in the zoom process will have an impact on the imaging, and the biggest advantage of the prime lens relative to the zoom machine is that the focus speed is fast, the imaging quality is stable. Many digital cameras with a prime lens shoot clear and stable images of moving objects, very accurate focus, delicate picture, very slight sense of grain, metering is also more accurate. This is also the case with SONY’s all-in-one movement.

Zoom lenses can change the shooting range by changing the focal length without changing the shooting distance, so it is very conducive to picture composition. Zoom lens actually includes prime focus lens, most of which are zoom lenses in SONY integrated movement. For example, the famous SONY FCB-EV7520 are widely used, like this one is 12 times digital zoom (360 times after using optical zoom).


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FCB-EV7520 with HDMI interface board


Both depend on the environment and the situation, if the remote environment zoom is the best, close-range environment requirements on focus, it depends on the use of the user’s friends environment and requirements.





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