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surgical field camera solution |FCB-EV7520 with 3G-SDI interface board

The surgical field camera is a professional medical camera, mainly used to record and collect and save the actual scene of the surgery, the color restoration degree and clarity of the camera requirements are relatively high, and in the front-end video acquisition process the most common and most troublesome is the spot problem, how to solve the problem of the surgical field camera? What are the advantages?


surgical field camera solution |FCB-EV7520 with 3G-SDI interface board - Sony Camera Information - 1

Digital HD surgical field camera

01 surgical field camera solution


1. Components required for the scheme

(1) SONY FCB-EV7520

(2) 3G-SDI mini interface board

(3) SDI HD video capture card

(4) LVDS line

(5) SDI RF cable

(6) HD-SDI display

(7) Sterilize the handle

(8) Transfer hook


2. Program implementation

Digital HD camera adopts 1/2.8 TYPE Exmor R CMOS sensor, equipped with 30 times optical zoom lens, 1080p/60fps HDMI HD output, advanced electronic fog transmission and high dynamic wide dynamic can greatly improve the picture clarity, at the same time, Anti-shake, high highlight suppression and low light to achieve clear images, but also effectively improve the image quality in the case of too bright and insufficient light, 1080P video recording, can clearly record every detail of the operation.


surgical field camera solution |FCB-EV7520 with 3G-SDI interface board - Sony Camera Information - 2

FCB-EV7520+3G-SDI interface board


02 The advantages of the field camera


In order to meet the market demand, the digital high-definition camera developed by Xuan Zhan Technology is based on the doubts and difficulties in the current industry, and through continuous research and development and improvement, it has successfully solved various problems, such as: wireless remote control, laser assisted positioning function, unique software control technology, which is a lot of technology that can not be reached by camera manufacturers.


1, independent research and development of products, enjoy utility model patents;

2, automatic fast and accurate focusing, real color restoration under high brightness, automatic strong light suppression;

3, get rid of the traditional cable shackles, using 2.4G wireless remote control without dead Angle control;

4. Multi-functional touch button panel with high sensitivity, simple and clear operation interface;

5, shadowless lamp professional control software, perfect solution to spot problems;

6, laser assisted positioning, to solve the difficulty of unable to align the surgical field;

7, support multi-scene mode fast switching;

8, can replace the disinfection handle;

surgical field camera solution


03 surgical field camera application


The digital HD surgical field camera is suitable for all kinds of operating rooms, medical teaching, surgical broadcast, telemedicine, remote visitation, doctor-patient monitoring, dentistry, beauty salons and other fields.

In addition, Xuanzhan Technology has also developed 4K camera, which can achieve high definition, high sensitivity and more hierarchical video shooting functions.



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