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Video capture card types and differences

A typical machine vision system consists of the following five blocks: lighting, lens, auto focus camera, video capture card, vision processor. The image capture card is only one component of a complete machine vision system, but it plays a very important role.


Image capture card, also known as video capture card, can be used to obtain digital video information, and store and play it out. Many video capture cards can capture video information and obtain sound at the same time, so that the audio part and the video part are saved and played simultaneously in video.


Video capture card types and differences - Sony Camera Information - 1


From the video signal source and image acquisition card interface can be divided into: analog acquisition card and digital acquisition card. The analog acquisition card collects the analog video signal to the PC through AV or S terminals to convert the analog signal into a digital signal, and the video signal source can come from the analog camera, TV signal, analog video recorder, etc.


Digital acquisition card in the form of digital to digital, the digital video signal lossless acquisition to the PC, the video signal source is mainly white DV (digital camera) and some other digital equipment.


An important difference between analog acquisition card and digital acquisition card is that: the use of digital acquisition card, there is no loss of video signal in the acquisition process, which can guarantee the same effect as the original video source, while the use of analog acquisition card will have a certain degree of loss of video signal.


In popular terms, we can make an example: analog acquisition is similar to the use of VCRS to turn over video, the subtape is always not as clear as the master tape, if the subtape is reused, the effect will be worse: and digital acquisition is like copying data files with a computer, no matter how many times, the copied file is exactly the same as the original file, without any difference. Two-in-one acquisition card refers to digital analog acquisition card, AV+DV acquisition card. Digital input/output, analog interface input (DV/AV/S-vidco), full interface board.


The video capture card of Xuan Zhan Technology is divided into SDI HD video capture card, HDMI HD video capture card and 4K ultra HD video capture card. Users can choose the appropriate video capture card according to the selected camera model and their own needs.





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