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FCB-EV9500M starlight low illumination camera, not only low lux value

The so-called starlight camera, the essence is the low illumination camera, the word “low illumination” has been an important part of the security industry beautify its own product parameters, there is no minimum, only lower, in fact, the Lux value comparison alone has little significance, because there are other parameters.


Starlight camera, in the starlight environment even without any external auxiliary light source, can also display clear color images, with 24 hours of full color real-time effect, no ordinary low-illumination camera tailing phenomenon, to meet the needs of high-quality monitoring at night, illuminance requirements 0.0001lux, super starlight illuminance is lower.


From the Lux value alone, the SONY FCB-EV9500M can reach 0.00008 lx in ICR-On mode (Shutter Speed: 1/30 s), belongs to the starlight camera, let’s take a look at the lens, sensor, ISP and other parameters are how to affect the effect of starlight camera?


Low light camera class classification:

0.1Lux: Normal grade

0.01Lux: Dark light level

0.001Lux: Moonlight level

0.0001Lux and below: Starlight


1. Image sensor

The first thing that affects the low illumination of the camera is the choice of the sensor. As we all know, the image sensor of the same size, the higher the pixel, the smaller the sensitive area allocated to each pixel, the worse the low-light effect; Take a 2 million pixel HD camera, if you use the same size sensor as the 300,000 pixel analog camera, the average sensitive area of each pixel is only 1/8 of the analog camera, and its high-definition picture quality will be even more terrible at night.


Therefore, starlight low-illumination cameras generally use imaging sensors with larger target surface sizes: cameras with the same pixel, the larger the target surface size, the more light each pixel absorbs into the environment; The amount of light entering per unit area is the determining factor of the low illumination performance of the sensor.


The SONY FCB-EV9500M auto focus camera movement uses a 1/1.8-inch large target surface sensor to provide sufficient light intake to the camera, laying the foundation for the FCB-EV9500M low light performance.


2. Large aperture lens

The lens is an important part of the camera, its role is to focus the light of the camera target, the key to the application of low illumination here is that the larger the aperture of the lens, the greater the amount of light will be, FCB-EV9500M adopts F1.6 to 4.8 large aperture lens, which can effectively improve the amount of light. Thus, the FCB-EV9500M camera can obtain the ideal low illumination effect.


FCB-EV9500M starlight low illumination camera, not only low lux value - Sony Camera Information - 1

Camera wide aperture


3. Processing chips

The low illumination environment will also bring noise to the image, so that the clarity of the image, which requires a processing chip with strong enough performance to carry key technologies such as automatic gain and digital noise reduction.


Automatic gain, which can maintain the brightness of the image in the ideal condition under low illumination and control the noise; Digital noise reduction technology can filter the noise, display a purer picture, and see more image details. The key algorithm equipped with the powerful processing chip can “carve” the original raw data in order to present the best image effect to the user.


SONY FCB-EV9500M auto focus camera with automatic gain and 2D/3D noise reduction function, can effectively improve the picture clarity.


4. Low illumination enhancement algorithm

Using the same processing chip, it is not necessarily possible to achieve the same noise reduction and gain effect. Taking noise reduction as an example, improper handling of noise reduction will cause serious fog, shadow, detail loss and other phenomena. For the gamma value setting, too high will enhance the contrast of the picture, the picture will become dark, the picture quality will be transparent, but will lose details; If the value is set too low, the image will become brighter and more detailed, but the picture quality permeability will become worse. Therefore, even if based on the same hardware platform, the final effect of the product is different, which reflects the research and development strength of different manufacturers.


SONY FCB-EV9500M autofocus camera uses STARVIS CMOS sensor, even in dark alleys without street lights, can also capture weak light, and at the same time suppress noise, convert it into electrical signals, and truly reproduce the color and shape of the subject. The performance of starlight low illumination is incisively and vividly.


FCB-EV9500M starlight low illumination camera, not only low lux value - Sony Camera Information - 2

FCB-EV9500M with the MIPI network interface board





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