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SONY FCB-EV9520L and FCB-EV7520:Comparison of function parameters

FCB-EV9520L and FCB-EV/CV7520 are two similar automatic focus camera products from SONY, which play an important role in security monitoring, drones, medical equipment, video conferencing and other fields. Their high-quality image capture capabilities and multiple functional features make them indispensable cameras for a variety of application scenarios.


SONY FCB-EV9520L and FCB-EV7520 both use 1/2.8 inch CMOS sensor and 30x optical magnification lens, and have the features of image stabilization, fog penetration, wide dynamic, day and night switching, high highlight suppression of starlight low illumination and other functions. As a new camera launched by SONY, what are the better features of FCB-EV9520L compared to FCB-EV7520?

SONY FCB-EV9520L and FCB-EV7520:Comparison of function parameters - Sony Camera Information - 1

FCB-EV9520L vs FCB-EV7520


1. Sensor

a. SONY FCB-EV9520L: 1/2.8 inch STARVIS2 CMOS sensor (approx. 2.13 million)

b. FCB-EV7520:1/2.8 inch ExmorR CMOS sensor (approx. 2.13 million)

Although the effective pixels of FCB-EV9520L and FCB-EV7520 sensors are about 2.13 million pixels, the STARVIS2 CMOS sensor of FCB-EV9520L is a low-light sensor technology launched by SONY. It uses a larger pixel size and higher sensitivity to provide better image quality in low-light environments. This enables the STARVIS2 sensor to obtain brighter and clearer images in night monitoring and low-light environments, effectively improving the performance of the monitoring system.

Therefore, FCB-EV9520L has better starlight night vision function, and can still output color images under 0.01Lx low illumination, and the minimum illumination can reach 0.0008Lx. At the same time, it has infrared night vision function, which can obtain clear images in low light or completely dark environment, and restore true color images as much as possible, known as “black light camera”.


2. the new three area function

a. FCB-EV9520L: With regional automatic exposure, regional automatic focus, regional automatic white balance functions

b. FCB-EV7520: None

SONY FCB-EV9520L is SONY’s new high-performance camera module with features such as area Automatic exposure (AE), area Automatic focus (AF) and area automatic white balance (AWB), which can be optimized for specific areas in the image, allowing users to fine-tune key areas of the image according to specific application requirements. The FCB-EB9520L camera can detect and adjust specific areas of the image in real time, and automatically adjust parameters according to light changes, focus changes and color temperature changes to achieve the best exposure, focus and white balance effect, so that you can obtain more accurate, clearer and more realistic image quality.


3. super anti-shake function

a. SONY FCB-EV9520L: has two Super anti-shake modes: Super and Super+

b. FCB-EV7520: common anti-shake function

Compared to the FCB-EV7520, the FCB-EV9520L has an unparalleled Super anti-shake function, with two anti-shake modes: Super and Super+.

Turn on Super stabilization, which can effectively reduce image jitter due to the vibration of the camera itself or the vibration of the external environment by using a high-performance electronic stabilization algorithm. It can provide high clarity while maintaining image stability.

Super+ anti-shake, on the basis of Super anti-shake to provide more powerful vibration performance, this anti-shake mode is suitable for more severe vibration environment, such as motor vehicles, Bridges or ships on the camera application.


SONY FCB-EV9520L and FCB-EV7520:Comparison of function parameters - Sony Camera Information - 2

FCB-EV9520L Super image stabilization function


4. Optical axis consistency

FCB-EV9520L has better optical axis consistency than the FCB-EV7520 to ensure the consistency of the optical axis at different focal lengths and field angles. The focus of the image and the image quality are consistent whether it is taken at a wide Angle or in a telephoto.

This advantage provides more accurate, consistent, and high-quality image output, making it better in application scenarios that require high optical axis consistency.


SONY FCB-EV9520L and FCB-EV7520:Comparison of function parameters - Sony Camera Information - 3

FCB-EV9520L Excellent optical axis consistency


5. Volume and weight

The SONY FCB-EV9520L has the same size as the FCB-EV7520, but the weight of the former (238g) is 17g lighter than the weight of the latter (255g), which is good news for industries such as drones that mind weight.

In summary, FCB-EV9520L and FCB-EV7520 are suitable for security monitoring, drones, video conferencing, medical equipment and other industries, but the FCB-EV9520L has a better performance. In addition, the super anti-shake function and good optical axis consistency of FCB-EV9520L can also meet the complex external environment of Marine, intelligent transportation, bridge, vehicle, Marine operations and other industries.



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