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What are the types of surveillance cameras?

As people pay more and more attention to security issues, the demand for monitoring security tools is also increasing. The dazzling variety of surveillance cameras on the market fully explains everyone’s demand for surveillance cameras. But do you know what kinds of surveillance cameras are available? How does the security industry classify the types of surveillance cameras? Today, Xuanzhan will talk with you about the classification of surveillance cameras.


What are the types of surveillance cameras? - Sony Camera Information - 1


According to the characteristics and main uses of different surveillance cameras, the types of surveillance cameras are roughly divided into the following four categories:

1, according to the working principle

Divided into digital camera and analog camera, digital camera is transmitted by twisted pair of compressed digital video signal, analog camera is transmitted by coaxial cable analog signal. The difference between the digital camera and the analog camera is that there is clarity in addition to the transmission method, and the digital camera pixels can reach millions of high-definition effects.

2, according to the camera appearance

Can be divided into gun machine, hemisphere, ball machine and so on. The gun is mostly used outdoors, with high requirements for waterproof and dustproof grade; Hemispheres are mostly used indoors, generally with smaller lenses and wide visual range; The main function of the ball machine can be 360 degrees without dead Angle monitoring.

3, according to the camera function

Divided into wide dynamic, strong light suppression, road monitoring special, infrared camera, all-in-one and so on. Select an appropriate monitoring camera based on the installation environment.

4, according to the special environment application

Surveillance cameras can also be divided into pinhole cameras, camera pens, smoke cameras and so on. It is mainly suitable for image acquisition in special environment.

In fact, there are a variety of classification methods for surveillance cameras, and different classification methods meet people’s various needs for security surveillance cameras. Pay attention to security, starting with using the right surveillance cameras.



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