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product introduction|SONY FCB-EV7100 Mini HD auto focus camera block

SONY FCB-EV7100 HD auto focus camera block volume: 45.6*48.8*78.0mm, weight only 210g, is SONY’s smallest and lightest HD auto focus camera block, FCB-EV7100 with its small body but show a huge energy.


product introduction|SONY FCB-EV7100 Mini HD auto focus camera block - Sony Camera Information - 1

SONY FCB-EV7100 Mini HD auto focus camera block


1, small body, wide range of applications

SONY FCB-EV7100 has a compact body design, so that it can easily adapt to a variety of space needs, suitable for a variety of ball machines, all-in-one machines, and head products; It can be used in security monitoring, drones, detection and measurement, medical equipment, intelligent transportation and video conferencing.

Security monitoring: FCB-EV7100 can be used in indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras to provide clear images and a wide-angle field of view to help monitor and protect security.

Drones: Due to its compact body and lightweight design, the FCB-EV7100 is ideal for drones and aerial photography, which can effectively reduce the power consumption of drones and delay the flight time of drones.

Inspection and measurement: The FCB-EV7100’s high resolution and autofocus capabilities make it ideal for machine vision and industrial automation applications for tasks such as inspection, measurement and identification.

Medical device: The FCB-EV7100 features a high-resolution image sensor and image processor, while automatically adjusting focus in real time to ensure clarity and accuracy of the image, enabling doctors to observe and analyze the condition more accurately.

The compact design makes it easier to embed into medical devices, whether it is a surgical microscope, endoscope or other medical equipment, which can be easily integrated and used.

Intelligent Traffic: The FCB-EV7100 can be used for intelligent traffic and vehicle monitoring, providing high definition images and video to help monitor and manage traffic flow.

Video conferencing: FCB-EV7100 color reproduction is high, ensuring that the color on the screen is as real and clear as the scene, making the meeting and teaching more vivid and real.


SONY FCB-EV7100 Application areas


2, light weight, energy is not light

Despite its small size and light weight, the FCB-EV7100 features a 1/2.8 TYPE Exmor R CMOS sensor and a unique image signal processor that delivers excellent image quality and video performance for clear and delicate images.

This small movement module has a variety of lens options such as HD resolution, wide Angle and telephoto, suitable for different shooting scenes.

The FCB-EV7100 also has a powerful anti-shake function, which effectively reduces the impact of camera shake on image quality.

The zoom and autofocus capabilities of the FCB-EV7100 make it suitable for a variety of remote monitoring and machine vision applications.

The new fog removal function and wide motion of the movement module greatly improve the clarity of the picture.

The FCB-EV7100 also has functions such as fast automatic exposure and automatic white balance to adapt to different lighting conditions.


3, plug and play, automatic recognition of high-definition signals

Connected to the coding control board independently developed by XuanZhan Technology, the FCB-EV7100 can automatically identify high-definition video signals without making any Settings, and can realize the relevant control of zoom, focusing, gain, white balance and other functions, as well as video capture, image processing, video conversion, transmission and other functions.

Interface board can be divided into different interface types, FCB-EV7100 can connect 3G-SDI, SDI/HDMI/CVBS three-in-one, USB3.0, MIPI network, HD-HDMI, HD-IP UAV professional interface board, etc. Develop one-stop solutions tailored to the needs of different industries.

In summary, the design of the FCB-EV7100 body makes it suitable for multiple industries and plays an important role in providing high-quality image and video solutions for various industries.


product introduction|SONY FCB-EV7100 Mini HD auto focus camera block - Sony Camera Information - 2

SONY FCB-EV7100 is equipped with a variety of interface boards





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