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What is the role of road surveillance cameras?

The application requirements of urban road monitoring are as follows: each intersection scene can be monitored at any time to facilitate unified command and scheduling; Long time real-time video recording of important scenes; Controlled scenarios are monitored and controlled through control systems. The main requirements for front-end monitoring equipment are: it can quickly discover and capture abnormal points, and accurately locate, enlarge the monitoring screen and synchronize the video, in order to timely assist in dealing with social security incidents and maintain social stability.


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1. Information collection

According to specific monitoring requirements, it collects the characteristic information (such as license plate, color, face shape, contour, shape, running state, etc.) of target objects such as vehicles, drivers, pedestrians and markers in motion on the traffic road, provides it to the control software or equipment for analysis and processing, and outputs the analysis decision plan and processing plan according to the set algorithm. And can automatically control the whole system for linkage processing. On the basis of effectively obtaining real-time and clear image information, many intelligent electronic devices and control systems based on video images have been derived, such as: road bayonet, video detection, license plate recognition, face recognition, automatic distribution control and so on.

2. road monitoring

The front-end camera will monitor the real-time image of the area through the transmission line back to the traffic command center, traffic command personnel in real time to grasp the traffic conditions of each intersection and section, such as: road traffic flow, signal light status, motor vehicle violations and traffic accidents. This information can help traffic management departments to adopt appropriate treatment methods and treatment plans in a timely manner, and timely release information through radio and television media and the front traffic guidance display screen to inform road drivers and pedestrians, and carry out effective traffic facilitation.

3. Real-time video recording

The road camera makes real-time video recording, and the video images transmitted to the traffic command center will be automatically saved to the video server as the basis for dealing with traffic accidents and various emergencies.

Road surveillance cameras require a wide range of monitoring, traffic road intersections with high population density require 360-degree monitoring, all-round, no blind spots, and clear images, which can be used as a evidence basis. High-speed ball equipment has a conductive slip ring, can be 360 degrees continuous high-speed rotation, equipped with automatic focusing of high multiples of the integrated camera, the general optical variable to 20-30 times, etc., in the important traffic intersection with high requirements can choose 30 times or ultra-high definition of the integrated camera, which can fully meet the full range of monitoring needs.


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