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USB3.0 Interface board: fast transmission, real-time acquisition

With the advent of the digital age, the acquisition and transmission of high-definition video signals has become an important demand in various fields. The USB3.0 interface board independently developed by Xuan Zhan Technology comes into being, which not only helps auto focus cameras achieve high-speed data transmission, but also provides convenient acquisition functions. It is suitable for SONY FCB 7 series, 9 series HD integrated camera movements and most domestic movements with the same interface as FCB series camera.


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USB3.0 interface board


Main feature

High-speed transmission: The USB3.0 interface board uses the high bandwidth and high transmission speed of the USB3.0 interface to achieve high-speed data transmission. Compared with traditional USB2.0, the transmission speed of USB3.0 is several times higher, reaching a transmission rate of 5Gbps per second. This means that users can transfer large amounts of data in a short period of time, including high-definition video, high-resolution pictures and so on.


Easy acquisition: USB3.0 interface board is quick and easy to connect to the camera and computer without additional power or complex setup. The user only needs to connect the output interface of the camera to the USB3.0 interface board to realize the acquisition of multimedia data without additional drivers or configuration files.


Application advantage

Fast transmission: USB3.0 interface board has the advantage of high-speed transmission, and can complete the transmission of large-capacity data in a short time. This is very important for tasks such as video production and image processing that require processing large amounts of data, saving users time and effort.


Strong stability: USB3.0 interface board adopts more advanced transmission protocols and technologies, making data transmission more stable and reliable. Compared with USB2.0, USB3.0 has fewer errors and data loss during transmission, ensuring data integrity and accuracy.


Good compatibility: USB3.0 interface board has good compatibility and can be used with a variety of devices and operating systems. Whether it is Windows, Mac or Linux system, whether it is laptop, desktop or embedded system, users can easily use the USB3.0 interface board for high-speed data transmission.


USB3.0 interface board through the USB3.0 cable and computer connection, to achieve high-definition video signal, serial port control signal and power supply to the camera, minus other communication, power supply cables.


Real-time acquisition: USB3.0 interface board has the capability of real-time acquisition, which can transmit camera data to the computer in real time. This has important application value in the fields of video surveillance, video conference and video live broadcast, and can ensure that users get high quality and low latency multimedia data.


USB3.0 Interface board: fast transmission, real-time acquisition - Sony Camera Information - 2

USB3.0 interface board application advantages


Application scenario

Video capture: USB3.0 interface board is widely used in the field of video capture. Whether it is a camera, surveillance camera or other video equipment, as long as there is a video output interface, you can transmit the video signal to the computer through the USB3.0 interface board. This has played a vital role in video surveillance and real-time transmission in education, medical care, security and other fields.


Video conferencing: With the rise of telecommuting and distance education, video conferencing has become an important way to work and learn on a daily basis. USB3.0 interface board can collect and transmit the video signal of the camera to the computer, achieve real-time transmission of high-definition pictures, and make the video conference more clear and smooth.


Live video: With the development of social media and online platforms, live video has become increasingly popular. Through the USB3.0 interface board, the user can collect and transmit the video signal of the camera to the computer to achieve high-quality live video. Whether it is a live game, online education or other types of live broadcast, USB3.0 interface board can meet the needs of users for high-definition images.

USB3.0 Interface board: fast transmission, real-time acquisition - Sony Camera Information - 3

USB3.0 interface board Application scenarios


USB3.0 interface board is the perfect combination of high-speed transmission and convenient acquisition. It realizes high-speed data transmission through USB3.0 interface and provides convenient video capture function. In the fields of video capture, video conference and video live broadcast, USB3.0 interface board plays an important role in providing users with high-quality and stable video signal transmission and processing.





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