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The difference between integrated camera and traditional camera

With the improvement of people’s monitoring system requirements, the integrated camera has gradually developed into the key equipment of the security system by virtue of its outstanding advantages, then, compared with the traditional camera, the integrated camera has what is different? The following is a detailed comparative analysis of the differences between integrated cameras and traditional cameras.


The difference between integrated camera and traditional camera - Sony Camera Information - 1

SONY FCB-EV7520 with MIPI interface board


Compared with the traditional gun camera, the compact shape, simple installation, and convenient control mode of the integrated camera have been recognized advantages. However, the biggest difference between it and the ordinary camera is mainly reflected in the automatic focus during the shooting process, so that the picture can always be maintained with sufficient clarity.


In summary, the all-in-one camera detects the position of the main picture through the auto-focus algorithm of the camera, and then automatically adjusts the focusing motor of the camera according to its focus on the camera image sensor. After such reciprocating adjustment many times, it can well ensure the best shooting focal length of the locked object at all times, so that the operation of the camera is more convenient, and the quality of the picture becomes more stable.


In addition, the good waterproof effect is also a more prominent advantage of the integrated machine. Because the general traditional camera needs the head, the protection cover can achieve a certain protective effect. Therefore, the protection effect is definitely less than that of a more tightly protected integrated camera. As a complete whole, the integrated camera is more easily able to work in wet environments. It is also from the benefit of this tight shell protection, but also let the all-in-one machine break through more environmental restrictions, in more complex environments appear in its figure.


The difference between integrated camera and traditional camera - Sony Camera Information - 2

Network HD integrated camera


In addition, from the integrated camera imaging device protection. Because its lens is in a very closed environment, the influence of the outside world is therefore very small, so to a certain extent, it can also better ensure its service life. Although it is impossible to repair or replace some parts when a fault occurs in a sealed environment, it has little impact on the overall service life of the camera as long as the quality of the imaging device is stable.


Like ordinary cameras, the future development direction of integrated cameras is also mainly around clarity, intelligence, and the degree of networking. Especially in the expansion of network functions, the integrated machine with embedded IP processing module is undoubtedly endowed with better network working ability. Although in terms of target tracking ability, the locking range of the all-in-one machine is too simple. However, it is believed that under the overall development of related technologies in the entire monitoring field, it is only a matter of time for the all-in-one machine to have rich intelligent capabilities. After the successful application of the all-in-one video display platform in the field of education, carrying many of its unique performance advantages, the integrated camera is destined to open up a new space for development in the field of security monitoring.





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