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FCB-EV7520 electronic fog transmission function: penetrate the haze, capture a clear picture

Haze weather has a serious impact on our lives and work, especially in the field of security monitoring, drone aerial photography, traditional cameras are often difficult to cope with the haze brought by the fuzzy and unclear images. In order to solve this problem, the SONY FCB-EV7520 integrated camera movement introduces electronic fog transmission function, through high-tech image processing technology, can penetrate the haze, capture clear, delicate images. This article will introduce the electronic fog transmission function of SONY FCB-EV7520 and its important role in improving image quality and coping with haze weather.


FCB-EV7520 defog

FCB-EV7520 electronic fog transmission function


Electronic fog transmission technology principle:

The SONY FCB-EV7520’s electronic fog penetration function is based on advanced image processing algorithms and technologies. By analyzing and processing the haze in the image, it removes or reduces the influence of haze on the image, making the image clearer and more visible. The technology mainly consists of two steps: haze detection and haze compensation. First of all, the existence and degree of haze are detected through the analysis of the image. Then, based on the detection results, the image is repaired and enhanced to restore the clarity and detail of the image.


SONY integrated camera movement from the earlier models, the use of electronic fog transmission technology, the general use of CMOS sensors and large aperture lenses, to achieve good low-light effect, on the other hand, it is easier to achieve high-definition fog transmission.


Improve image quality:

Electronic fog transmission can effectively improve the image quality of the SONY FCB-EV7520. In hazy weather, the images of traditional cameras are often blocked by haze, unable to capture details and clarity. The electronic fog transmission function can weaken or remove the haze through intelligent algorithms, making the image more vivid, delicate, and more in line with the actual scene. This allows monitors to more accurately observe and analyze the details in the images, improving the effectiveness and reliability of security monitoring and drone aerial photography.


Coping with haze weather:

The electronic fog-transmitting function of the SONY FCB-EV7520 plays an important role in dealing with hazy weather. In hazy weather, the images captured by the camera are often blurred, unable to provide accurate information and effective monitoring. However, with the electronic fog transmission function, the SONY FCB-EV7520 can penetrate the haze, restore the real scene, and provide clearer and more visible images. This is very important for security monitoring, drone aerial photography, traffic monitoring, urban management and other fields, and can help relevant departments better cope with the challenge of haze weather.



FCB-EV7520 with USB3.0interface board



The electronic fog transmission function of the SONY FCB-EV7520 is able to penetrate haze through advanced image processing technology to provide clear, delicate images. It can not only significantly improve the image quality, but also effectively deal with the challenges brought by haze weather. With the continuous development of technology, the electronic fog transmission function will play a more important role in security monitoring and other related fields, providing us with a safer and clearer monitoring and observation environment.





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