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Precise exposure control: SONY FCB-EV9520L spot auto exposure function analysis

SONY FCB-EV9520L is a high-performance auto focus camera with excellent image quality and advanced features. One of the features is spot auto exposure.


FCB-EV9520L spot auto exposure


Spot auto exposure of the FCB-EV9520L is an image processing technology that automatically adjusts the exposure time of each area by analyzing the brightness differences of different areas in the image to achieve better exposure control.


Application value


The importance and application value of regional automatic exposure are reflected in the following aspects:


Provide better exposure control: In shooting scenes, there are often uneven lighting conditions or large brightness differences. The traditional global auto exposure function may cause some areas to be over – or under-exposed. The region automatic exposure can adjust the exposure time according to the lighting condition of each region, ensuring that each region can be properly exposed, so as to obtain better image quality.


Preserve detail and improve contrast: In high-contrast scenes, traditional exposure controls can result in loss of detail in light or dark areas. The regional automatic exposure can adjust the exposure time according to the brightness difference of the scene, so as to improve the overall contrast while preserving the details, making the image more clear and vivid.


Basic principle


The implementation of regional automatic exposure can be divided into the following steps:


spot auto exposure Basic principle


Area division: First, the camera divides the image into a number of different areas, usually in a grid or irregular shape. Each area can contain the same number of pixels or be dynamically adjusted based on image content and needs.


Area brightness analysis: For each divided area, the camera analyzes the brightness level of the area. This can be done by measuring the average brightness value of the pixels in each area or by other statistical methods.


Exposure adjustment: Depending on the brightness difference in different areas, the camera will adjust the exposure time of each area individually. For darker areas, the camera will increase the exposure time to improve brightness; For brighter areas, the camera will reduce the exposure time to avoid overexposure.


Composite image: After making exposure adjustments to each area, the camera combines the images of all areas into one complete image. In this way, the camera can achieve proper exposure of different areas in the same image, resulting in better image quality and contrast.


Application field


Zone automatic exposure function is widely used in many fields.


spot auto exposure Application field


In the field of security monitoring, it can help surveillance cameras maintain good image quality during the day and night, and improve the accuracy of face recognition, license plate recognition, etc.


In the field of industrial inspection, it can provide better image quality and help machine vision systems achieve more accurate product inspection and quality control.


In the field of medical imaging, it can ensure that the medical camera can obtain accurate images under different lighting conditions in different areas, and improve the diagnostic accuracy of doctors.


In the field of autonomous driving and intelligent transportation, it can provide better image quality and recognition capabilities, ensuring the reliability and accuracy of driver assistance systems and traffic monitoring systems.


The key to the SONY FCB-EV9520L camera spot auto exposure technology is the ability to perform individual exposure control according to the brightness differences in different areas of the scene, thereby avoiding overexposure or underexposure problems that may be caused by global exposure control. It provides better exposure control in high-contrast scenes, preserves detail, and improves overall image quality. This makes it widely used in security monitoring, industrial testing, medical imaging, intelligent transportation and other fields, providing more accurate and reliable image processing solutions for various application scenarios.





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