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The application of 4k ultra-high definition camera in intelligent security

Video surveillance is one of the indispensable security equipment in public places, in the past generally appear in a small environment with a single background and less personnel flow, even city-level security surveillance cameras, their recorded video images are more fuzzy, once placed to the station, airport and other crowded places, this video monitoring effect will be greatly reduced. Smart security has increasingly become a key area of construction, and 4K ultra-high-definition video surveillance has also been born with smart city applications.


Security surveillance camera


Under the monitoring conditions of 4K ultra-high definition, the quality of monitoring will undoubtedly be increased. First of all, a resolution higher than 2160P can greatly reduce the investment of front-end cameras and increase the quality of monitoring images. Our intuitive feeling is that the picture is clearer, the details are more excellent, and the horizon planning is larger. It is more suitable for plazas, factories, schools and other large planning monitoring and traffic, security and other occasions requiring body picture scene details.


Unlike home 4K cameras, only replacing 4K cameras is not able to understand the clear picture quality brought by 4K high-definition monitoring. The widespread use of 4K technology in security requires a full set of processing solutions, which require support from image acquisition, transmission, display, storage and other complete systems.


In the acquisition sensor needs to use 4K CMOS sensor chip, in the acquisition of high resolution signal at the same time, the camera compression chip for image compression and picture quality processing, the application of 4k ultra HD camera needs stronger front-end image processing, in order to ensure transmission and save storage space in the case of low bandwidth, the need for better compression algorithm to deal with. For example, the H.265 algorithm. Back-end storage needs to support 4K signal decoding, storage and conversion.


For back-end decoding devices, processing 4K streams requires more computational processing power. Display device with greater resolution: The display device must have at least 4K physical pixels in order to render 4K images lossless. For storage devices, due to the larger bitrate of 4K bitstream, the storage of the same time stream requires greater storage capacity and stronger intelligent processing. For 4K resolution monitoring images, the number of object pixels in the picture is more, and the details are more fully presented. For intelligent services processed according to the video picture, more fidelity video processing images are provided. It also requires more computing power to handle these richer details.


In the construction of a safe city, 4K technology can use high-definition picture quality to obtain the face information of people in the picture, and then complete the defense of the face bayonet in the city. Moreover, after the incident, the details of the picture can be seen when querying the video file to facilitate the case personnel to grasp more favorable evidence, and the future data mining will be more accurate and effective, and the clear picture quality and details can make the image reconnaissance, picture compression, face recognition, and vehicle information recognition better. In addition to the usual video surveillance in hospitals, schools and other occasions, the use of 4K high-definition technology can also play a role in diagnosis, video recording of the entire operation, teaching and observation.


In SONY FCB cameras, there are two models of 4K ultra-high-definition cameras that are used more, FCB-ES8230, and its main features are: 1/1 Exmor R CMOS sensor, 12x optical zoom lens, image stabilization, Advanced 2D/3D Noise Reduction, De-fog, Auto ICR, etc. The other is FCB-ER8530, its main features are 1/2.5-type Exmor R CMOS Sensor, 20x optical zoomlens, Auto ICR, Privacy Zone Masking, Noise Reduction, Defog etc.







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