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Zoom camera principle introduction and application

What is a zoom camera? In a certain range can change the focal length, so as to obtain different width and narrow field of view Angle, different sizes of images and different scenery range of camera lenses called zoom lenses. When the object distance of the lens is fixed, with the increase of the focal length of the lens, the scope of the monitored scene seen on the monitor at the end of the system becomes smaller, but the details of the picture become clearer and clearer. With the increase of the lens size, the scope of the monitored scene seen on the monitor at the end of the system increases, but the details of the picture become more and more blurred.


zoom camera lens


The meaning of digital zoom

The zoom camera is divided into digital zoom and optical zoom, digital zoom is actually the image continues to expand, because the focal length does not change, the size of the image put on the CCD does not change, so you take the definition of the object with the expansion and become blurred that is to say digital zoom has no practical significance, Simply put, it is like having a picture on the computer from which you take a screenshot through the computer, and then enlarge the screenshot, and the actual pixels of your picture are still so many, so the more you expand the screenshot the less clear.


The meaning of optical zoom

Optical zoom is produced by changing the position of the lens, the object, and the focus. When the image plane moves in the horizontal direction, the vision and focal length will change, and the distant scenery will become clearer, making people feel like the feeling of progressive objects.


Therefore, there are two ways to change the Angle of view, one is to change the focal length of the lens, by changing the relative position of each lens in the zoom lens to change the focal length of the lens; The other is to change the size of the imaging surface, that is, the diagonal length of the imaging surface.


The zoom camera can change the shooting range by changing the focal length without changing the shooting distance, so it is very conducive to the picture composition. Since a zoom lens can also play the role of several prime focus lenses, the biggest feature of the zoom lens is that it realizes the function of the lens focal length can be changed at will. Different from fixed focal length lenses, zoom lenses do not rely on rapid lens replacement to achieve lens focal length change, but by pushing and pulling or rotating the lens zoom ring to achieve lens focal length change, in the lens zoom range, the focal length can be stepless transformation, that is, any focal length within the zoom range can be used to shoot images, which creates conditions for the realization of diversification of composition.


When using a zoom camera to focus, it is best to consider first adjusting the image to the largest place to focus; Focus using the longest focal length of the camera. Then, the focal length is reduced to the desired focal length when shooting. During this process, the image remains sharp at all focal lengths. Using this technique, because it is focused under the largest image possible, it is easier to observe whether the details of the image are clear, and therefore the most accurate focusing method. Zoom cameras have a wide range of applications, which can be used in industrial, medical, smart security, drones, robots and other fields.


The SONY FCB camera features better CMOS sensors, zoom and focus speeds, and provides secondary development solutions for camera image processing, video output, conversion, transmission and related control.








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