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To help intelligent security, many new products of Xuan Exhibition appeared at the 19th CPSE Security Fair

On October 25, 2023, the 19th China International Public Security Expo (CPSE) opened in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. More than 600 well-known enterprises will systematically present new achievements in the development of digital cities, new trends in digital technology and new applications of digital practices. As an important platform for the display of security industry results, this year’s security fair exhibited many products including digital city, smart city, intelligent security, artificial intelligence, AI large model, data security and application unmanned systems, etc. The exhibition has become an important exhibition in the field of global intelligent security.


the 19th CPSE

Strength brand guests at home and abroad are pouring in

Among them, the “4K Ultra HD display” at Booth 7C01 in Hall 7 has become the focus of attracting the majority of visitors, which is the picture presented by SONY 4K camera installed on the field camera. The more vivid colors and the more layered pictures deeply attracted the attention of every audience.


In addition to that, The company also showcased several new products such as FCB-EV9520L, 12G-SDI coding control board, FCB-ES8230, FCB-EV9500 series and weight reduction version, 3G-SDI interface board, SDI/HDMI/CVBS three-in-one interface board, HD-HDMI interface board, 4K-HDMI interface board, US B3.0 acquisition module, MIPI network interface board and other strength hot products, different product positioning, functional characteristics of a wide range of public safety subdivisions to meet the security monitoring, public security management, emergency rescue and other application scenarios, attracting many domestic and foreign industry guests, exhibitors to come to exchange. In particular, foreign guests communicate with the technical staff of Xuan exhibition in detail, for fear of missing any detail.


SONY new FCB-EV9520L


SONY’s new HD integrated camera core module FCB-EV9520L will undoubtedly become another focus of the exhibition technology booth.




SONY FCB-EV9520L has been fully launched in August 2023, it is equipped with 1/2.8 inch STARVIS2 CMOS Sensor and 30x optical zoom lens, integrated super Starlight night vision, super image stabilization, high dynamic range wide dynamic and new three-area functions in one. Even in complex environments, it can restore real color images and output them, and it can easily cope with multi-scene operations, security monitoring, bridge inspection and other fields. Provide more professional, more efficient and more comprehensive experience and functional applications for intelligent security.


Xuan Exhibition new 12G-SDI interface board

In addition, in order to meet the future needs of 4K ultra HD public safety scenes, Xuan Exhibition Technology has launched a 12G-SDI coding control board for this purpose, which is designed for SONY 4K Ultra HD camera core modules.


12G-SDI coding control board can not only output 12G/6G-SDI ultra high-definition lossless video signal, and downward compatible with 3G-SDI signal, while supporting 485 control, OSD menu, external keys to achieve zoom, focus, gain, white balance and other functions, automatic identification of PELCO-D/P protocol, Unique power memory, preset bit, automatic cruise and other functions.


12G-SDI interface board


In addition to the small size of the 12G-SDI coding control board, there is another important advantage is high coding efficiency, at the same time of high compression ratio, but also to ensure high-quality image output effect, effectively prevent the occurrence of the original image distortion. With 4K camera movement, 4K ultra HD lossless video picture is presented, which provides an important reference for security decision-making and improves the efficiency of security protection.


Continue to innovate and explore practice


Innovation is not only the engine to promote the development of science and technology, but also an important force to deepen the close integration of science and technology and industry, and a number of practical cases have proved the feasibility of SONY’s integrated camera with interface board solution in public safety protection. Xuan Zhan Technology will continue to go deep into the industry application scenarios, start from the practical application of customers, and explore new directions of technology development in practice.


In the future, it will continue to provide impetus for the continuous breakthrough of intelligent security core technology and the high-quality development of the video product industry, promote product innovation with technological innovation, create global high-quality video products and industry solutions, and create real lasting value.

To bring more safety and security to people’s lives and the development of society.





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