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Application of Sony FCB-EW9500H in motorized high-speed dome

Sony’s zoom camera FCB-EW9500H offers advanced technical features. Its main technical features and its importance in the motorized high-speed dome system will be introduced in detail below:



Main technical features


High definition and high sensitivity: FCB-EW9500H supports video output with up to 2160P resolution, providing clear and delicate images. It uses a high-performance image sensor and advanced image processing technology to effectively reduce image noise, enhance image details, and provide more accurate and realistic color reproduction. In motorized high-speed dome systems, high definition and high sensitivity are crucial for accurate monitoring and identification of targets.


Low-light and infrared night vision: FCB-EW9500H features excellent low-light performance and infrared night vision. In low-light environments, it provides clear images by increasing sensitivity and using infrared light sources. This is particularly important in smart speed dome systems because many criminal activities often occur at night, and low-light and infrared night vision functions can ensure that targets can be effectively monitored and identified even in dark environments.


Auto focus: FCB-EW9500H  auto focus means that the camera can automatically adjust the focus to ensure that the target object being photographed is always clear. This feature is achieved through advanced image processing algorithms and autofocus technology.


FCB-EW9500H Main technical features


When using the autofocus function, the camera will automatically adjust the focal length of the lens based on the distance and size of the object in the current shooting scene to keep the target object clear and sharp. This eliminates the need to manually adjust focus, allowing the camera to automatically adapt to objects at different distances, ensuring the entire surveillance picture is always clearly visible.


In the motorized high-speed dome system, the autofocus function is very important. It ensures that the surveillance system always captures clear images, and the camera can automatically adjust the focus regardless of whether the target object is far or near. This is critical for accurate monitoring and target recognition, especially in moving objects or rapidly changing scenes.


The unique area auto-focus function of FCB-EW9500H is very useful for specific monitoring needs in motorized high-speed dome systems. Users can select the area of concern based on the actual situation to ensure that the target objects in the area are always clear, thereby improving the accuracy and reliability of the monitoring system.


Application advantages


motorized high-speed dome systems are widely used in commercial buildings, public places and residential areas. The following are some actual application cases, combined with specific scenarios to illustrate the advantages and practical effects of FCB-EW9500H in these applications:


Entrance monitoring in commercial buildings: FCB-EW9500H can be installed at the entrance of commercial buildings to monitor people and vehicles entering and exiting. Its auto-focus function can ensure that the facial features of people entering and exiting the vehicle and the license plate number of the vehicle are clearly captured, providing strong evidence. The high-definition image quality and wide field of view can help security personnel quickly identify and track suspicious persons or vehicles, strengthening the security protection of commercial buildings.


Monitoring in public places: FCB-EW9500H can be used for monitoring in public places, such as stations, airports, shopping malls, etc. Its area auto-focus function can focus on densely populated areas or key monitoring areas according to actual needs, ensuring that details in the crowd are clearly visible. This helps improve the safety of public places and effectively prevents various security incidents.


Security monitoring in residential areas: FCB-EW9500H can be used in security monitoring systems in residential areas to monitor entrances and exits, public areas, parking lots, etc. High-definition image quality can help property managers quickly identify and handle security incidents, improving the safety of residential communities.


FCB-EW9500H Application advantages


FCB-EW9500H has unparalleled advantages among motorized high-speed dome systems and is suitable for various monitoring needs in commercial buildings, public places and residential areas. Its advantages include high-definition image quality, wide field of view, low-light and infrared night vision, fast auto-focus function, etc., which can improve the accuracy and actual effect of the monitoring system, and enhance safety protection and management capabilities.



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