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Introduction of Sony FCB-EV9520L features: horizontal resolution

Definition of horizontal resolution


Horizontal resolution refers to the ability of the zoom cameras to display or capture image details in the horizontal direction. Horizontal resolution is usually expressed in pixels, indicating how many pixels the camera can resolve in the horizontal direction. Generally speaking, only those with horizontal resolution indicators exceeding 720p (1 mega pixel) and 1080i (2 mega pixels) can be called high-definition imaging.


FCB-EV9520L horizontal resolution


Higher horizontal resolution means the camera is able to provide more detail and clearer images. The horizontal resolution of Sony FCB-EV9520L is 1920 pixels, so it can display or capture 1920 pixels in the horizontal direction, providing clearer and more detailed images.


Significance of horizontal resolution


Influence image details: For FCB-EV9520L, the horizontal resolution determines the image details it can capture. The horizontal resolution of 1920 pixels can provide clearer and more detailed images, making details more accurately visible.


FCB-EV9520L Significance of horizontal resolution


Improve image quality: Horizontal resolution directly influence image quality. Higher horizontal resolution offers more pixels, resulting in clearer images, truer colors and richer details. Therefore, the horizontal resolution of FCB-EV9520L is an important indicator of camera image quality.


Applications of horizontal resolution


Security monitoring: In security monitoring, the high-level resolution of Sony FCB-EV9520L can provide clearer and more detailed images, thus helping the security personnel to identify the targets better . It can capture subtle details, such as facial features, license plate numbers, etc.,  improving the accuracy and effectiveness of surveillance.


Video conferencing: In video conferencing, the high-level resolution of Sony FCB-EV9520L can provide clearer and more realistic images, allowing participants to see each other’s facial expressions and body language more clearly. This is very important for effective communication.


Film and television production: In the field of film and television production, the high-level resolution of Sony FCB-EV9520L can provide more details and more realistic colors. It captures subtle textures, color gradations and shadow details in the picture, making photography more vivid and attractive.


Medical diagnosis and surgery: In the medical field, the high-level resolution of Sony FCB-EV9520L can provide doctors with clearer and more accurate images, offering more accurate diagnosis and surgery. Doctors can observe and analyze subtle tissue structures and lesions to improve treatment effectiveness and reduce risks.


Industrial inspection: In the industrial field, the high-level resolution of Sony FCB-EV9520L can provide more accurate images for workpiece inspection, quality control and machine vision applications. It can capture subtle defects, marks and measurement details, improving production efficiency and quality.


FCB-EV9520L Applications of horizontal resolution



Horizontal resolution is one of the key indicators of camera image quality. The high-level resolution of 1920 pixels enables Sony FCB-EV9520L to provide excellent image quality in various applications. Whether in indoor or outdoor environments, day or night, FCB-EV9520L is able to capture images with rich details and present users with clear, realistic pictures. However, it is important to note that higher horizontal resolutions may require greater storage space and processing power.




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