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Application of FCB-EV9500L auto focus camera in smart medical care

Smart medical care refers to an innovative medical model that uses modern information technology and communication technology to combine medical services with informatization and intelligence. With the continuous development of science and technology and the growing demand for medical care, smart medical care has become an important means to improve medical quality, improve medical efficiency, and improve patient experience.



In the field of smart medical care, SONY FCB-EV9500L plays an important role as a high-performance zoom camera. It has excellent high definition, 30x enhanced optical zoom and the ability to cope with high-contrast environments, enabling high-quality image output. It is precisely based on these characteristics that FCB-EV9500L is widely used in smart medical care.


Technical advantages

High Definition: FCB-EV9500L uses advanced image sensors and image processing technology to provide clear and detailed image quality. Whether making diagnoses in a telemedicine system or observing surgical procedures in operating room monitoring, high-definition image transmission allows doctors and medical staff to observe and judge more accurately.


30x enhanced optical zoom: FCB-EV9500L can achieve long-distance shooting and observation of targets through optical zoom technology. This is important for telemedicine systems and operating room monitoring, providing physicians with greater flexibility and convenience. Doctors can zoom in and out of images through remote control to obtain the required details without being close to the patient or surgical scene.


Fast auto-focus: FCB-EV9500L adopts advanced auto-focus algorithm and fast-response drive system, which can achieve accurate focus on the target in a short time. This is important for tracking moving targets or shooting in rapidly changing scenes. The fast autofocus function ensures that the image is always clear and sharp, providing doctors and medical personnel with more accurate observation and judgment.


Main features of FCB-EV9500L


Wide dynamic range: The wide dynamic function of FCB-EV9500L has wide applications in the smart medical field. In a hospital environment, there are sometimes strong lighting differences, such as surgical lights in the operating room and ambient ambient light. In this case, the wide dynamic range feature ensures that the camera captures details of the surgical area and surrounding environment, providing clearer, more accurate images.



Digital high-definition surgical field camera: FCB-EV9500L with HD-HDMI encoding control board has a wide range of applications in surgical field cameras. During the surgery, the doctor needs to clearly observe the details of the surgical area in order to perform precise operations. The high-definition and wide-dynamic functions of FCB-EV9500L can provide clear, balanced and detailed images. Xuanzhan Technology has its own patented digital high- definition field camera, which can be achieved when paired with the SONY FCB-EV9500L. True color restoration under high brightness can better solve the problem of light spots. Doctors can obtain clear and accurate images for intraoperative observation and operation, improving the accuracy and safety of surgery.


Electronic colposcope: Electronic colposcope transmits images of the vagina and cervix to a display screen through a camera to help doctors perform examination and diagnosis. FCB-EV9500L has high sensitivity and detail capturing capabilities. During an electronic colposcopy, the doctor can observe the details of the vagina and cervix to assess their health.


FCB-EV9500L is paired with an electronic colposcope equipped with an HD-HDMI interface  board. It automatically recognizes high-definition signals and outputs HDMI high-definition video signals to the display. It also supports external buttons. The doctor can control the focus, zoom and angle of view of the camera through the buttons. , adjust the position and angle of the camera to better observe the vagina and cervix. Such control functions allow doctors to conduct examinations more comfortably and flexibly, and improve the accuracy of operations.


Application scenario of FCB-EV9500L in medical treatment


Medical imaging: What are the specific applications of FCB-EV9500L in medical imaging? Medical imaging refers to medical images used for diagnosis and treatment, such as X-rays, ultrasound, CT scans, and magnetic resonance imaging. The high performance and advanced features of the FCB-EV9500L make it an ideal choice for medical imaging.


The high-resolution images of FCB-EV9500L can capture subtle structures and abnormalities, providing doctors with important diagnostic evidence.

Its automatic exposure and wide dynamic range functions can automatically adjust the brightness and contrast of the image, ensuring that doctors can see clear and accurate image details, improving diagnostic accuracy and efficiency.


In addition to the above, FCB-EV9500L is also suitable for ward monitoring, medical education and training, medical equipment, etc. in the smart medical field. It can observe patient conditions in real time, monitor vital signs, and provide safety guarantees. Help students and medical practitioners better observe and learn various conditions and surgical procedures.


Generally speaking, SONY FCB-EV9500L plays an important role in smart medical care. This is inseparable from its high-quality performance and excellent image performance. In the future, with the continuous advancement of technology, the application of FCB-EV9500L in the smart medical field will continue to expand, bringing more innovation and convenience to the medical industry.



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