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Surveillance camera lens selection and classification standards

The role of the camera lens in the surveillance camera is more important, in order to adapt to the monitoring requirements of different environments in life, we need to configure different lenses of different specifications and quality for them, such as indoor focus monitoring, we need not only clear but also a wide view of the image collection, at this time you need to use a wide-angle lens, and in the outdoor parking lot for monitoring, We need to use a zoom lens to see the whole picture of the parking lot and the details of the car. So, when we want to be specific about the selection of certain types of surveillance lenses how do we choose lenses?




According to the classification of the field of view size of the lens, the selection of monitoring lenses generally has the following criteria:


Standard lens: its Angle of view is generally about 30°, if we have a 1/2 inch CCD camera in our hands, then the focal length of the standard lens is likely to be 12 mm, and for those 1/3 inch CCD cameras, they are configured with a standard lens focal length of 8 mm. Although this gap is very small and sometimes overlooked, the quality of the images captured by each of them can vary greatly.


Wide-angle lens: the Angle of view is above 90°, the focal length can be less than a few millimeters, the wide view is comparable to the camera, its advantage is that the observation range is large, but once extended to the near image there will be deformation.


Telephoto lens: the Angle of view is within 20°, and the focal length can be as small as tens of millimeters or hundreds of millimeters, which can magnify the image of the object taken at a very long distance, but correspondingly, the observation range is also smaller.


Zoom lens: This is generally known as the telescopic lens, the market is currently mainly manual zoom lens and electric zoom lens two.


Zoom lens: It is a lens between a standard lens and a wide-angle lens, and its focal length is continuously variable, which means that it can not only enlarge distant objects, but also provide users with a broad view and expand the scope of monitoring. For a zoom lens, it can be set to autofocus on the minimum focal length and the maximum focal length of the two values, but if you want to achieve the focus from the minimum focal length to the maximum focal length, we can only do it manually.


FCB-EV9500M uses 30 times enhanced optical zoom, 12 times digital zoom lens, up to 195CM focal length, coupled with SONY’s latest technology, even as far as 350M license plates are clearly visible, completely beyond the traditional model focal length of the field of view Angle。


Auto focus camera with MIPI interface board




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