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SONY FCB-EV9500M with MIPI interface board: high definition and stability guaranteed

FCB-EV9500M is SONY’s new generation of high-definition zoom camera module. It uses a 1/1.8-inch STARVIS2 CMOS sensor and 30 times enhanced optical zoom. It has high definition, high sensitivity, high dynamic wide dynamic function, and super image stabilization and other functions are widely used in various scenarios.


The MIPI interface board is independently developed by Xuanzhan Technology for SONY FCB series zoom cameras. It can be directly connected to the MIPI interface of FCB-EV9500M. It can also connect with the LVDS interface of zoom cameras with other brands to turn the video of the camera into the network video signal.


What kind of solutions can the powerful combination of SONY FCB-EV9500M and MIPI interface board provide users? Which application scenarios can meet the image requirements? Xuanzhan Technology (SONY official authorized distributor) will analyze it for you one by one.


FCB-EV9500M with MIPI interface board


Technical advantages

SONY FCB-EV9500M is equipped with a MIPI interface board. It uses the MIPI interface to transmit data. It has the advantages of high-bandwidth transmission, low power consumption, low latency, versatility and compatibility, making FCB-EV9500M able to meet the needs of high-end industrial applications.


High-bandwidth transmission: FCB-EV9500M has full HD resolution and 30 frames/second video output capability, and the MIPI interface can provide high-speed data transmission to meet its high bandwidth requirements. High-bandwidth transmission ensures that images are rich in detail, allowing devices to accurately identify and analyze image content.


Low power consumption: The MIPI interface uses differential signal transmission and has lower power consumption compared to other interfaces. For fields that rely on battery power, such as robots and drones, low power consumption is one of the key factors, which can improve battery life.


Low latency: The MIPI interface has low transmission latency and can achieve real-time image transmission and processing. For scenarios with high real-time requirements, the MIPI interface can meet this demand and ensure rapid response and image processing.


MIPI interface board


Versatility and compatibility: The MIPI interface is an industry standard interface that is widely used in mobile devices and consumer electronics. Choosing the MIPI interface can improve the versatility and compatibility of the camera and facilitate connection and integration with other devices.



Robot navigation and visual recognition: FCB-EV9500M is equipped with a MIPI interface board, which can provide high-resolution and real-time image transmission, allowing the robot to obtain environmental information through the camera and perform tasks such as navigation and target recognition.


Industrial automation: In the field of industrial automation, FCB-EV9500M paired with MIPI interface board can provide high-bandwidth transmission and low-latency image output, allowing the equipment to monitor and analyze image data in the production process in real time, improving production efficiency and quality.


Security monitoring: FCB-EV9500M is equipped with a MIPI interface board that can transmit high-definition images to the surveillance system in real time, providing clear and detailed video surveillance images, helping to protect public safety and personal property.


Paired with the MIPI interface board, the SONY FCB-EV9500M brings many advantages. It provides the advantages of high-bandwidth transmission, low power consumption, low latency, versatility and compatibility, and enhances the application scope of the FCB-EV9500M. In addition, the MIPI interface board also has functions such as multi-device management, remote upgrade and expansion, which further improves the performance and reliability of FCB-EV9500M.





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