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After the FCB-EV7520 is discontinued, what camera should the drone industry choose

Since SONY announced that the FCB-EV7520 discontinued the day, the major industries that are using the camera movement have begun to look for its alternative, as SONY’s official authorized distributor and SONY China FCB series product launch center, Xuan Exhibition Technology has the ability and obligation to provide you with a rapid and effective rationalization of the upgrade program.


SONY FCB-EV7520, is a high-performance full HD camera, with powerful functions, excellent performance and moderate weight and body size, by the major industry’s high attention, especially the UAV industry is used more, once became one of the most popular cameras. As a result, FCB-EV7520 was discontinued once before, and then resumed production, with the development of technology and changes in market demand, SONY had to announce the suspension of FCB-EV7520 and FCB-CV7520 again.


After the production of FCB-EV7520, in view of the high standard requirements of the UAV industry and the diversification of use scenarios, Xuexes Technology recommends FCB-EV9520L and ILX-LR1 as the upgrade solution of FCV-EV7520.



The update and iteration of technology and products is an inevitable trend of the development of modern science and technology industry, which is of great significance for the UAV industry. However, while enjoying new scientific research results, UAV enterprise users are more concerned about the functional performance, compatibility and update cost of iterative products.


The first is the function and performance, FCB-EV9520L as an upgrade of FCB-EV7520, with a more advanced image sensor, super image shake, super starlight night vision, wide dynamic, sensitive and three-area function, can provide better video quality and more stable picture, etc. It can meet the high standard requirements of UAV aerial photography, traffic monitoring, environmental weather monitoring, intelligent agriculture and animal husbandry industry and other application scenarios.


Option FCB-EV9520L FCB-EV7520/CV7520
Sensor 1/2.8 “STARVIS 2 CMOS 1/2.8” Exmor R CMOS
Image stabilization Super image stabilization, with “S” and “S+” mode electronic stabilization
Minimum illumination ICR OFF (color mode) 0.009Lx 0.01Lx
Minimum illumination ICR ON (black and white infrared mode) 0.00008 Lx 0.0015 Lx
Horizontal field of view Angle 64.0° 63.7°
Lens optical axis offset correction compensation function Yes or no
Zone auto focus/zone auto exposure/zone auto white balance Yes No
Sensing infrared color mode Yes or no
Wide dynamic higher dynamic range —
High sensitivity achieves 2x sensitivity
The second is compatibility, UAV industry users in the use of FCB-EV7520 camera movement, is customized according to the size of the camera developed, replaced by FCB-EV9520L, let the UAV industry worry about the new camera size and interface is compatible with the original UAV platform.


SONY FCB-EV9520L and FCB-EV7520/CV7520 series with the same size housing, lighter weight, and compatible LVDS output pin definition, most UAV users can make a direct replacement without changing the original mold specification. Save debugging time and save the cost of re-opening mold.


The FCB-EV9520L uses more advanced hardware technology and performance equipment, and is slightly higher than the FCB-EV7520 in price, but the FCB-EV9520L can be highly compatible with the original UAV platform, and can help UAV users achieve more stable and higher quality picture capture in complex environments.


In general, the FCB-EV9520L replaces the FCB-EV7520, providing more advanced features and performance, while maintaining compatibility with the original UAV platform, bringing users more convenient upgrades and higher picture quality. Although the update cost is slightly higher, by improving performance and maintaining compatibility, the FCB-EV9520L improves market competitiveness and innovation for users of the UAV industry.


For drone inspection, mapping, 3D modeling and emergency rescue applications, we recommend SONY’s scalable full-frame remote control camera ILX-LR1 to replace the FCB-EV7520.

SONY ILX-LR1 is a scalable full-frame remote control camera, about 61 million effective pixels, weighing about 243 grams, with high resolution, lightweight and compact shape, professional for the drone industry carefully built, suitable for drone industrial inspection, surveying and mapping 3D modeling and emergency rescue need to capture tiny details of the scene.

In terms of compatibility and integration, the ILX-LR1 camera has screw holes reserved on each side to facilitate the installation of the UAV in various directions. At the same time, by integrating apis into the system, the camera can be controlled remotely from a PC, allowing changes to camera Settings, shutter release, real-time view monitoring, and more. The ILX-LR1 camera has expandable features and a rich selection of E-bayonet lenses, which can be customized according to the needs of different use scenarios of drones.

Compared with the price of the camera alone, the ILX-LR1 is much higher than the FCB-EV7520, but in the application scenarios of UAV inspection, mapping, three-dimensional modeling and emergency rescue, the ILX-LR1 can help achieve about 30% efficiency improvement, and the core competitiveness will also take a new level, which will bring more benefits and cost savings.

The suspension of FCB-EV7520 is not only an update iteration of technology and products, but also promotes the continuous development of drones and related industries.



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