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SONY FCB zoom camera sample borrowing process

Different industries may have different requirements for SONY FCB camera, whenever SONY launches a new product, or users need to develop new products, users need to test the performance, quality, suitability, stability and other aspects of the integrated camera movement to ensure that it meets the needs and standards of the enterprise.

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SONY FCB zoom camera Prototype borrowing process

Xuan Zhan Technology, as an official authorized distributor of SONY, in order to ensure that the integrated camera movement is highly in line with the needs and standards of the enterprise, users are allowed to apply for sample borrowing from our company. The sample borrowing process generally includes the following steps:


The customer proposed to borrow the prototype demand: The customer proposed to our company to borrow the prototype demand of SONY integrated camera movement, including the prototype model, quantity, additional functions and other information.


Sign the prototype loan contract: Both parties need to reach an agreement on the prototype model, quantity, additional functions, deposit amount, sample borrowing time (generally 15 days), storage of the prototype and other matters, and sign the relevant contract and return the signature.


Payment of deposit: The SONY integrated camera movement prototype lent by our company belongs to SONY official original products. In order to ensure that the prototype lent will not be damaged or lost during use, the customer needs to pay the corresponding amount of deposit for the product.


Delivery of the prototype: We will arrange to send the prototype as soon as possible after receiving the deposit from the customer.


Sample borrowing time: In order to ensure the utilization rate of the prototype, the sample borrowing time is generally not more than 15 days, and the customer will return the sample within the time stipulated in the prototype contract. If there are special reasons for not returning the sample on time, you need to apply to our company and explain the reason.


Return the prototype: The customer will return the prototype to us within the specified time:
After the prototype is received, the original prototype is tested by our warehouse without scratches, complete accessories, and does not affect our secondary sales, our company will refund the deposit;
After the prototype is returned, after testing, if there is a phenomenon that affects the secondary sales, it is necessary to convert the “borrowing sample” into “sales”, the prototype needs to be purchased, and the borrowing sample contract is replaced with a sales contract.


Feedback: After the prototype test, customers can provide feedback and suggestions to our company on the prototype to help our company and SONY to continuously improve product quality and performance.


The above is the basic steps of SONY integrated camera movement sample borrowing process, other brands of camera movement and coding control board sample borrowing process is roughly the same, the specific process may be adjusted according to different customers and products.


The prototype borrowing process ensures that the two sides can have clear regulations and agreements when borrowing SONY integrated camera movement, ensuring the safety of the camera movement and the legitimate rights and interests of users. At the same time, it also improves customer trust and satisfaction with the product. If you have any additional questions or need further assistance, please feel free to contact us.





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