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How does the FCB-EW9500H achieve high resolution and high sensitivity?

As the industry’s leading camera brand, in 2021, SONY launched the new 4M HDMI HD camera module FCB-EW9500H, which is known for its high definition, high sensitivity and high sensitivity, and is widely used in smart high-speed balls, drone pods and smart healthcare.


How does the FCB-EW9500H achieve high resolution and high sensitivity? - Sony Camera Information - 1


High definition is one of the most basic requirements for video cameras, and the FCB-EW9500H takes it to a new level. Equipped with 1/1.8 “STARVIS CMOS high-resolution image sensor, effective pixels up to 4.17 million, image format up to 20160P/60, can capture more detail and true color, so that every frame is full of fine and accurate. Whether it is a small line or a tiny texture, the FCB-EW9500H can show it to the full, allowing you to feel the true beauty of color and detail.


In addition to high definition, high speed is also a highlight of the FCB-EW9500H. Using advanced image processing technology and highly sensitive image sensors, this camera is able to maintain clear, bright pictures in low light conditions. Whether in low-light indoor environments or outdoor scenes at night, the FCB-EW9500H is easy to cope with, so that you don’t have to worry about blurred or dim pictures, ensuring that every frame is clear and bright.


In addition, the FCB-EW9500H is equipped with a high-quality optical lens, which further improves the clarity and color reproduction of the image. The precise lens design reduces optical distortion and dispersion, making every frame as clear and realistic as possible. Whether it is shooting the environment, people or subtle objects, FCB-EW9500H can bring you the best picture, every frame can show the amazing delicacy and precision, feel the truth of every moment.


FCB-EW9500H is connected to 4K-HDMI interface board through LVDS interface, which can automatically identify HD signals, output 4K HDMI ultra-high-definition video signals, and realize image processing, video acquisition, conversion and transmission.


FCB-EW9500H high-definition camera module with high definition, high sensitivity and high sensitivity is widely used in the market for a variety of industries, including but not limited to the following areas:


Security monitoring: FCB-EW9500H can be used for surveillance cameras, security cameras and other security equipment, its high definition and high sensitivity can provide clear and detailed monitoring pictures, to ensure the effect of security equipment in different light conditions.


Industrial vision: In the industrial field, FCB-EW9500H can be applied to machine vision systems, industrial cameras and other equipment for production inspection, quality control, automated production and other fields to improve production efficiency and product quality.


Medical imaging: In the medical field, the FCB-EW9500H can be used in medical imaging equipment, such as endoscopes, X-ray equipment, operating microscopes, etc., to help doctors obtain clear images for accurate diagnosis and treatment.


Intelligent transportation: In the field of intelligent transportation, FCB-EW9500H can be applied to traffic surveillance cameras and intelligent transportation systems to help monitor traffic conditions, identify vehicle information, and improve traffic management efficiency.


Education industry: In the field of education, FCB-EW9500H can be used for teaching video recording cameras, video conferencing equipment, etc., to provide clear and high-quality video transmission and recording functions for teaching activities and distance education.


In general, the FCB-EW9500H camera module with high definition, high sensitivity and high sensitivity has a wide range of applications in many industries, providing users in different fields with powerful capture capabilities and high-quality image effects.


On the road to video products, the FCB-EW9500H HD camera module, paired with a 4K-HDMI interface board, opens up new possibilities for you. The perfect combination of high definition and high sensitivity allows you to easily cope with any shooting scene and capture the most real and vivid pictures.



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