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Which camera is more suitable for teaching system?

Teaching system is a technology platform for teaching and academic communication, which can carry out practical teaching, mobile teaching, watching teaching, remote teaching and so on. It is widely used in automobile repair, clothing, cooking, CNC machine tool, beauty salon, medical care, rail transit, electrical and electronic, art and other fields.

Which camera is more suitable for teaching system? - Sony Camera Information - 1

The teaching system and the field camera have obvious differences in function and use, so the requirements for the movement are not the same, which camera movement should be selected more suitable?


Kuno camera: Kuno camera is a camera specially used for real-time shooting and transmission of surgical scenes during surgery. Commonly used in the operating room, it can provide high-definition surgical videos to help doctors and medical staff observe the procedure, diagnose the condition, and conduct remote instruction and teaching.


In view of the above, the requirements of the camera movement are also very high standards, including: high image quality sensors, high color reproduction, high dynamic range, automatic fast and accurate focusing, automatic strong light suppression, etc., to ensure high quality, accurate and true surgical images.


Both HD camera and 4K camera are equipped with SONY FCB series camera movement, which can bring excellent realization in terms of picture quality, color reproduction, dynamic range and fast autofocus, and can meet the high standards of camera.


Teaching system: A teaching system is a teaching tool, also known as a general field camera, used to support teaching and training activities. The main functions of the camera movement of the teaching system include recording the teaching process, demonstration, distance teaching and teaching evaluation, etc. :


Recording the teaching process: The camera movement can be used to record the teacher’s explanation and student interaction in the teaching process, and record the entire teaching process, which is convenient for teachers to review and self-assessment.


Demonstration demonstration: The camera can be used for demonstration demonstration to present the teaching content to the students through video form, vividly demonstrating the teaching process and skills.


Distance teaching: The camera in the teaching system can also be used for distance teaching services to support live remote teaching and video conferencing, so that students can participate in teaching activities in different locations.


Teaching evaluation: The teaching content recorded by the camera can be used for teaching evaluation and teacher training to help improve the quality and effect of teaching.

Therefore, relative to the art field camera, the teaching system in the detail performance, color reproduction degree of the camera movement will be lower requirements, choose SONY HD integrated camera movement or domestic brand movement may be a more suitable choice, can meet the teaching system of the basic requirements of the camera movement.


Whether it is a camera or a teaching system, when choosing a camera movement, it must be the best choice, but the choice that best meets its own requirements and standards, so that the use value can be maximized as much as possible.





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