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How about Sony FCB ex series block cameras?

How about Sony FCB ex series block cameras?

How about Sony FCB ex series block cameras? Color block camera FCB-EX series, Sony’s new FCB-EX series color block camera is equipped with an incredible 26x zoom lens.

It has a wide/telephoto horizontal field of view, making it ideal for safety hemisphere and traffic monitoring applications.fcb-ex480C fcb-ex480CP

These cameras use an advanced spherical privacy zone shielding function. Regardless of the camera angle, the shielding function can be interlocked with the camera’s pan/tilt/zoom movement to ensure personal privacy.

In addition, the FCB-EX series uses high-performance digital signal processing (DSP) to provide enhanced image quality and operability compared to traditional block cameras.

The FCB-EX980S series combines a 1/4-type Super HAD™ CCD with Sony’s new powerful 26x zoom “SMART” lens, which
has incredible telephoto zoom capabilities and image stabilizer functions, allowing users Can be used with excellent clarity and stability. The FCB-EX980 series combines a high-sensitivity 1/4-type EXview HAD™ CCD and Sony’s new powerful 26x zoom “SMART” lens with a wide horizontal field of view.Sony FCB ex series block camera

The FCB-EX480C/EX48 series is equipped with a high-sensitivity CCD, which can capture images under the minimum illumination of 0.7 lx.

In addition to the above functions, these cameras are also conveniently equipped with a variety of functions, such as E-Flip, alarm, image freeze, and automatic ICR*1, which are all inherited from the earlier FCB-EX series cameras. In addition, the entire FCB-EX series uses lead-free solder and halogen-free printed circuit boards, making these cameras more environmentally friendly.How about Sony FCB ex series block cameras?

The FCB-EX series cameras combine excellent image quality with a variety of unique and convenient functions, and are the perfect partner for indoor and outdoor demanding security and surveillance applications.

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