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What’s the Sony fcb-er8550 price?

What’s the Sony fcb-er8550 price?

What’s the Sony fcb-er8550 price? CN¥5,144.72/ Piece 2 Pieces(Min. Order).Sony fcb-cr8550 HD camera is widely used in intelligent transportation, UAV equipment, capture kiosks and other fields.

What's the Sony fcb-er8550 price?

Introduction to Sony fcb-cr8550 products

Integrated camera movement + HDMI HD output Zoom Camera Sony brand series; Sony fcb-cr8550 integrated camera HDMI output 4K zoom camera fcb-er8550. Next, Shenzhen xuanzhan Technology Co., Ltd. will introduce the relevant knowledge of Sony fcb-cr8550 integrated camera.

In order to meet the demand for high-quality and high-resolution pictures that can only be provided in full HD format, Sony specially launched a 20x optical zoom lens component, which can be applied in security, intelligent transportation, unmanned flight equipment, snapshot kiosk, police car, amblyopia and video conference.

The flagship models fcb-er8550 and fcb-cr8550 are equipped with a 1 / 2.5-inch Exmor supporting 4K Full HD resolution ™ CMOS imager, 20x optical zoom lens can achieve excellent zoom performance, and add a new ultra wide dynamic function and image fog penetration function.Sony FCB ER8550 Block Camera+HD-SDI

Sony 4K HD coding control board

The control board can be used with Sony fcb-er8300, fcb-er8530 and fcb-er8550. It can directly output 4K ultra clear HDMI images with clear and delicate image quality, which is customized for high-end customers in the industry.

The high-definition 4K coding control board newly developed and designed by our company is specially designed for Sony FCB high-definition integrated movement module. This control board is widely used in aerial photography, amblyopia and video conference, medical equipment or other professional instruments and equipment.

Sony fcb-cr8550 and fcb-er8550 20x optical zoom 4K HD integrated movement

SONY Full HD Digital block camera 4K 20X optical zoom 4.4-88.4mm lens FCB-ER8550 FCB-ER8530

Equipped with the latest Sony CMOS sensor technology the FCB-ER8550 is the latest edition to the highly regarded FCB-ER range which was first introduced with the launch of the FCB-ER8300.

Like the FCB-ER8530, the FCB-ER8550 offers 4K resolution at 30fps together with an integrated 20x Optical Zoom lens but includes external synchronization capability. The form factor is almost identical to FCB-EV7520 thus offering a convenient solution to migrate to 4K without necessarily needing to re-design your end solution.

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