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2021 Sony fcb-ew9500h (HDMI) new product will be launched soon

In 2021, a new high-definition camera, Sony integrated camera movement fcb-ew9500h digital (HDMI), will be mass produced.2021 Sony fcb-ew9500h (HDMI) new product will be launched soon.


Image Sensing Products.2021 Sony fcb-ew9500h (HDMI)

3 major features

high resolution

The lens, image sensor, and ISP all use new devices made by Japanese manufacturers.
Along with obtaining an overwhelming sense of resolution, it has evolved even in low-light environments and reproduces faithful images with the AF / AE / AWB function.Sony fcb-ew9500h (HDMI)

A new enhanced optical zoom has been introduced to achieve high image quality from the Wide end to the Tele end and a compact body size.

high resolution

High sensitivity
With the introduction of new cell structure and circuit technology, light can be used with high efficiency, and the sensitivity is nearly twice that of conventional image sensors.2021 Sony fcb-ew9500h (HDMI) new product will be launched soon
This makes it possible to capture the subject more clearly at night or in a dark room.

High sensitivity

Super image stabilizer
The blur suppression has been greatly improved from the conventional stabilizer function, and high-definition movies with less blur can be shot even in a harsh environment with large vibration.
Equipped with two modes, “Super” and “Super +” *.

* Can be used for full HD or HD output

2021 Sony fcb-ew9500h (HDMI) PDF Download.



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