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How about Sony fcb-ev7500?

How about Sony fcb-ev7500?


Detailed explanation of parameter differences between Sony HD movement fcb-ev7500 and fcb-ev7520

Among Sony fcb-ev series movement, the latest fcb-ev7520 with the best configuration is also more and more used in HD applications, but we still have to choose according to our own needs.

Therefore, it is very important to understand the difference between fcb-ev7520 and fcb-ev7500.Sony_fcb-ev7500_pictures

Next, xuanzhan technology’s Sony FCB series HD integrated movement parameter difference analysis series, What brings you is the difference between fcb-ev7500 and fcb-ev7520.

As Sony’s fcb-ev75 series products, most of the parameters and functions are the same.

Compared with the past fcb-ev7500 movement, fcb-ev7520 adopts a different image sensor: back illuminated CMOS image sensor Exmor r CMOS (fcb-ev7500 uses Exmor high-speed CMOS image sensor), which can achieve high sensitivity, effectively improve sensitivity and reduce noise, For a detailed introduction to the technology of these two image sensors, you can see: exmorr & Exmor of Sony camera core module use technology analysis series. In addition, the movement using back illuminated CMOS image sensor Exmor r CMOS includes fcb-ev7520 / ev7320 / ev7317.


In order to improve the high sensitivity performance suitable for night shooting and enable the surveillance camera to shoot clear images in any environment, Sony has developed starvis (back illuminated pixel technology for CMOS image sensor for surveillance camera).

The integrated movement applying this technology includes fcb-ev7520 and fcb-ev7320, but fcb-ev7500 does not.

There are some differences in the effective pixels of the sensor, which are all at the level of 2 million pixels. The fcb-ev7500 is about 2.38 million pixels, while the fcb-ev7520 is about 2.13 million pixels.

In terms of minimum illuminance, fcb-ev7520 can reach the star level, with a high sensitivity of 0.01lx (f1.6) minimum illuminance, and can truly reproduce the picture in the low illuminance environment at night, which plays a great role in security video monitoring; Fcb-ev7500 cannot.

In addition, Sony FCB series has three movements with the lowest illumination of star light level: fcb-ev7520 / ev7320 / ev7317.

The difference in function is that fcb-ev7500 has wide-d function, while fcb-ev7520 does not.


Sony fcb-ev7500 features

Sony FCB-EV7500 Block Camera

USB 3.0 Interface

Full HD 1920 x 1080, 30fps

Optical 30×, f = 4.3 mm to 129 mm (F 1.6 to F 4.7)

Image Stabilization

Auto-Exposure & Auto-Focus

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) 130dB

1/2.8″ CMOS image sensor

Approx. 2.14 million effective pixels

One cable solution, stream Full HD Video directly into a PC

Connect Sony block cameras to a PC with a USB 3.0 Super speed connection

Analog HD and video output

Automatic Sony camera recognition

6 to 12 VDC protected and EMC filtered power supply for interface and camera

Free SDK for Windows and Linux

Images for sony fcb-ev7500


Images for sony fcb-ev7500



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