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Sony Camera Information

How about Sony CCD color camera?

How about Sony CCD color camera?Next, Shenzhen xuanzhan Technology Co., Ltd. will explain Sony CCD color camera to you.

Color Sony CCD Camera Type

1/3″ CCD image sensor Pick-up device

480 TVL Color Horizontal resolution

120 LED’s IR IR LensCCD industrial camera

I notice that overseas versions of SONY T99 sold outside Chinese mainland are not C. It is said that SONY’s overseas edition is divided into the European version and the Chinese mainland version, and the European and American version does not contain C, which seems to be better than the Chinese mainland version.

1/3 inch Sony Color CCD Dome Camera, 3.6mm, 420 TVL, Plastic (Width: 4in)

Color Sony CCD Camera includes a high quality 1/3 Inch Sony CCD with a 3.6mm Lens with 420 TV Lines. This surveillance camera is a great choice for small businesses, and used generally for security purposes.

(Camera DOES NOT feature Infrared Technology)


Sony CCD Color Dome camera
Lens: 3.6mm
Plastic housing dome camera
Overall dimensions: 2.15 x 4 x 2.15 in (L x W x H)
Dimension of the arch: 3.5 inches

Why do cheap digital cameras mostly use CCD chips?How about Sony CCD color camera?

Perhaps the high-definition image quality of the back illuminated CMOS sensor is better, and the data transmission speed is fast (it can support 1080p Full HD short films, and support the function of quick shooting multiple films in hand-held night scene mode to synthesize a clear photo). Even if the cost is higher, high-end machines are willing to adopt it.

Now the new cameras do not use CCD sensors except for medium or large frames in Europe. CCD sensors are indeed more expensive than CMOS. Only some old models, such as Sony A350, still use CCD, but now the new cameras [mainly SLRs] do not use CCD. All card machines and mobile phones are CMOS sensors.

How to choose CCD camera and industrial lens?

First, choose the right lens. The following principles should be followed when selecting lenses:
1) What is the chip size of the matching camera;
2) What is the interface type of the camera, C interface, CS interface or other interfaces;
3) . working distance of lens;
4) . lens field angle;
5) . lens spectral characteristics;
6) Lens distortion rate;
7) . mechanical structure size of lens;How to choose CCD camera and industrial lens?
When selecting CCD camera, the following aspects should be comprehensively considered:
1) . type of photosensitive chip; CCD or CMOS
2) . video features; Including point frequency and line frequency.
3) . signal output interface;
4) . working mode of the camera: continuous, trigger, control, asynchronous reset, long-time integration.
5) . video parameter adjustment and control method: manual, RS232
At the same time, when selecting CCD, it should be noted that l inch = 16mm instead of 25.4mm.



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