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How to choose the right HD SDI camera?

For all walks of life, everyone knows the importance of video image acquisition. Now there are thousands of types and styles of surveillance cameras, and countless brands, and the purposes of various surveillance cameras are also different. Monitoring systems are now inseparable from many industries. In recent years, many HD SDI cameras have brought hope to our higher needs, so how to choose the high-definition SDI cameras we need and suit us? The following Xuanzhan Technology will teach you to choose the SDI high-definition camera that suits you.

How to choose the right HD SDI camera? - Sony Camera Information - 1

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First of all, we must be clear about our industry and our needs. Only when we have a clear understanding of our own needs and positioning can we not blindly follow the trend in our choices. Therefore, clarifying your own positioning needs is the first step, and it is also a necessary step.


Then, if we want to choose the right type, we have to know what type of camera we want to choose. The type mentioned here is not only the model of the camera, but also the type of the most critical lens imaging element.


We think that compared with the undeveloped stage of SDI high-definition camera development, on the whole: 1. The overall effect of CCD SDI HD camera is better than that of CMOS SDI HD camera; 2. From the perspective of the process structure and development stage of CCD and CMOS, the imaging quality of CCD is not yet comparable to that of CMOS IP cameras currently on the market. 3. At present, CCD SDI high-definition cameras still have certain advantages in terms of illumination and other aspects. In some places where the requirements are relatively high, the effect of using CCD will be better.


With the advancement of SDI high-definition camera software, hardware and supporting equipment, there are mainly the following problems in the application of SDI high-definition cameras, which have basically been well resolved now: 1. The lens, decoder, and pan/tilt support of the front section, the transmission support of the repeater, amplifier, and SDI high-definition optical transceiver; 2. Problems with the back-end HD SDI matrix, SDI HD converter and storage;


Among them, the SDI high-definition optical transceiver is especially worth mentioning. The appearance of this product has completely solved the problem of remote transmission of high-quality images of SDI high-definition cameras, and opened up a good prospect for our market. SDI high-definition optical transceivers have been widely used in various industries. It has a wide range of applications and won unanimous praise from users.


After understanding these, according to the needs of our project (resolution, zoom, distance, night vision, etc.), choose a suitable HDSDI high-definition camera. If you have any worries about choosing an SDI HD camera, you can communicate with our engineers, and they will solve all your worries and doubts for you!





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