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SONY HD FCB camera movement function features:wide dynamic

More and more SONY FCB camera movements are used in front-end video solutions in all industries. According to the problems recently solved by Xuanzang Technology for customers, many customers are not clear about the Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) parameter in SONY HD FCB series movements. The following Xuan exhibition technology on the movement in the wide dynamic parameters to give you a brief point.


SONY HD FCB camera movement function features:wide dynamic - Sony Camera Information - 1

SONY FCB camera wide dynamics


First, let’s look at how wide dynamic technology comes about.

We first clear a few values, indoor illuminance is 100Lux, outdoor scenery illuminance may be 10000Lux, the comparison is 10000/100= 100:1, so when the camera from the interior to see the window outside, for the traditional security surveillance camera is not visible, this is because it only 3∶1 contrast performance. So, why can our human eyes see so clearly? That’s because the human eye can handle a 1,000:1 contrast.

Therefore, when the security camera is applied in the scene with large contrast between light and dark or backlit, the bright area in the whole image will be overexposed, the dark area will be underexposed, and the brightest and darkest part of the image will not be seen clearly.

So, how to solve it? In the past, we will use backlight compensation technology or set up two cameras in the indoor and outdoor to adapt to the greater light contrast, so the effect is not ideal. Then, the technology to extend the Dynamic Range appeared, which is what we call Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology.

In addition, we need to know why the wide dynamic range of CCD and CMOS cameras is very different today.

Wide dynamic technology depends on our camera sensor, so there is a big difference between CCD and CMOS. Why now the wide dynamic range of CCD camera is difficult to reach a large, this is due to the limitation of CCD photosensitive characteristics, which is difficult to have a major breakthrough in technology, and CMOS camera relying on its own sensor excellent performance, wide dynamic range even reached 160dB.

Let’s look at the basic concept of wide dynamics.

Wide dynamics, broadly speaking, refers to the span that a changing thing may change, that is, the region between the lowest pole of its change value and the highest pole. In fact, wide dynamic means that the camera can see the brightest and darkest parts of the image at the same time. The “dynamic range” of the camera refers to the adaptability of the camera to the light reflection of the scene in the shooting scene, specifically refers to the variation range of brightness (contrast) and color temperature (contrast).

In the SONY HD camera movement module, FCB-EV7520,FCB-EV7520A,FCB-EV7500, FCB-EV7100, FCB-EV5500, FCB-EV5300 Wide Dynamic reach 130dB. You can learn more about SONY HD movement module products in the product center!



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