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Xuanzhan interview | Wang Huiming:technology, is the direction of Xuanzhan Technology

When the 21st century enters the fast lane of informatization, the commercial wave follows one after another as time goes by. When the exhaustion is in people’s words, when the ficklness becomes the social mentality, when the commodities and businesses become more and more industrialized, there is such a technician in Nanshan: Xuan Zhan-Wang Huiming (referred to as: Wang Gong), with excellent technology, intimate service, to provide technical support for many industries and customers, with more than ten years of time to perform a special version of “When Happiness Comes at the Door”.

Xuanzhan interview | Wang Huiming:technology, is the direction of Xuanzhan Technology - Company News - 1 Mr. Wang is at work

<Go to Shenzhen, take the first step>

Waves rise from the waves.

After graduation, Wang Gong chose to leave the “ivory tower” of his hometown with a fresh sense of society and youthful energy. He chose Shenzhen, the capital of innovation in China, as his new foothold in life.

In the face of the booming export trade, the electronic industry in full swing, and the rapid development of the information industry, Wang Gong felt so new, full of opportunities and challenges. And after combining his own learning and career prospects, Wang resolutely chose to embark on the road of technology development.

After going to school, doing development, following projects, and working and living in Shenzhen for many years, Wang Gong, who has both self-discipline and self-study ability, has accumulated rich work experience, and his own technology development ability is also rising.


<Join us Xuan Exhibition, mutual achievement>

Opportunity favors those who have aspirations.

In a cooperation project with Xuanzhan, Wang Gong was favored by the founder of Xuanzhan by virtue of his strong technology development ability and good service attitude, and he was invited to become the technical partner of Xuanzhan.

Perhaps is interested in development, perhaps is to identify with the industry, under the warm invitation of Xuan Zhan, Wang Gong soon joined as a technical partner, and drove into the track of the security industry with Xuan Zhan, to provide various technical support for the company’s business.

Success is never attributed to chance, it is left to those who are prepared, but also to those who are prepared and able. Soon, Xuanzhan won the honorary award of “Quality Supplier” by China Security Association for its mature business and good market reputation.

<Dare to pioneer, don’t stick to the rules>

Open up, only a new situation.

In 2014, due to various reasons, the competition in the domestic security industry began to intensify, the influx of peers increased sharply, and the gradual reduction of market share sounded the alarm for Xuan Exhibition, so opening up a new track became a new choice for Xuan Exhibition. From the perspective of technology partner, Wang Gong gave practical suggestions on the future layout of Xuan Exhibition through the overall cognition of the industry and the analysis of technical feasibility.

Will no longer be limited to the domestic, began to focus on the global market; The product industry application is not only in the security industry, as long as the need for automatic focus, zoom integration, high-definition low delay output video customers, are Xuan Zhan service target.

Therefore, in 2014, Wang Gong and Xuanzhan began to look for and serve customers in overseas markets. In addition to providing SONY movement modules, they also provided one-stop SDI coding boards and HD video output solutions based on customers’ industry and functional requirements.

The direction is right, the industry is right, the service is right, will not disappoint every interested person; From 2015 to 2016, Xuanzhan rapidly opened up a new track, in the medical industry, for the digital operating room output real-time HD video screen; In the UAV industry, solve the pain points of real-time HD camera and real-time video transmission… Taste the sweet Xuan exhibition, no longer bound themselves, the performance of the year on a new high.


Xuanzhan interview | Wang Huiming:technology, is the direction of Xuanzhan Technology - Company News - 2

Wang Gong talks with customers of exhibition consulting

<The more you care, the more technical you are>

Concentrate, nothing is too difficult.

The increase of customers and the expansion of the track have also made Wang Gong more deeply into the role of “technical house”, from the former cubby to the independent large room, but on the desk, it is still the same three things: office computer, camera movement module and conversion board. For him, sitting in front of the computer desk every day to connect with customers, constantly playing with the movement and board, dismantling the application of products is the fun. For SONY movement FCB-EV7520 and the related coding control board, I have disassembled countless times, but I still maintain a strong interest in it, “hard to study, hard to serve, hard to treat, We should make friends with our customers so that the relationship can last, so what’s the point of being home?”


Xuanzhan interview | Wang Huiming:technology, is the direction of Xuanzhan Technology - Company News - 3

Wang Gong and overseas customers video conference, online guidance


< Show yourself, talk to customers >

To get customers, sincerity is the key.

For techies, some aspects of paranoia seem to be inherent.

“If I want to make friends with clients, I need to present myself in all directions. At the age of three, people’s social focus has increasingly shifted to online platforms. Whether it is traditional we-media platforms (Weibo, wechat) or emerging short video platforms (Douyin, video number), I try my best to meet the needs of my peers and customers with content.”

When asked about his views on Douyin, Wang Huiming replied: “At a time when short video is popular and Douyin has hundreds of millions of daily live public domain traffic, there are customers who really need me, and there are customers I really want to find, but we lack some opportunity to know each other.”

Wang Huiming paused and smiled. “So for me, my Douyin account, SONY Industrial Camera Professional Service Provider, is a suitable platform to show off. I plan to use video as a communication medium to share my entrepreneurial pursuit, life attitude, technical explanation and product industry application, etc., so that everyone can find me and get to know me initially, and also bring more positive energy to everyone.”





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