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Will the SONY movement FCB-EV9520L be a replacement for FCB-EV7520/A?

In 2022, SONY announced the launch of a new camera module — FCB-EV9520L. Shenzhen Xuanzhan Technology, an authorized distributor of SONY’s integrated camera, took the lead in getting a prototype of FCB-EV9520L.

After we got the prototype, our first impression was: Compared with the FCB-EV7520/A, although the appearance is not the same, but the external dimensions are exactly the same (50 x 60 x 89.7mm). As soon as this news comes out, many users will worry that the FCB-EV9520L camera will become a substitute for the SONY FCB-EV7520/A. In fact, This is not a myth.


Will the SONY movement FCB-EV9520L be a replacement for FCB-EV7520/A? - Company News - 1

Volume comparison between SONY FCB-EV9520L and FCB-EV7520/A

SONY FCB-EV7520/A uses SONY’s latest Exmor TM CMOS sensor, 1/2.8″ 2M STARVIS and unique ISP, equipped with a 30x optical zoom lens, to achieve high quality picture. The new defog function and wide motion can greatly improve the clarity of the picture. In addition, it also has the functions of day and night switching, shake prevention, high bright spot suppression, starlight level low illumination, picture effects and so on. It is widely used in UAV, testing equipment, medical equipment and other fields.

SONY FCB-EV9520L not only maintains the excellent functional features of FCB-EV7520, but also has some superior performance of FCB-EV9500L:

1, FCB-EV9520L with FCB-EV7520/A incomparable Super anti-vibration function, and there are Super (super) and Super+ (Super+) two anti-vibration modes to choose from, so, FCB-EV9520L is more competent for ships, ITS intelligent transportation, Bridges, unmanned aerial vehicles, vehicle and other fields.

2, SONY in the launch of FCB-EV7520/A, the performance of optical axis consistency has been greatly improved than the previous movement, but the improvement is endless, in the new camera FCB-EV9520L, optical axis consistency function to a better direction to enhance a step, the field of view Angle will be narrower.

3, in a very weak low light or dark environment, FCB-EV7520/A to obtain black and white images, in the same environment, FCB-EV9520L due to the new ICR ON COLOR (night infrared color mode) function, can still shoot color images.

Will the SONY movement FCB-EV9520L be a replacement for FCB-EV7520/A? - Company News - 2

ICR ON COLOR comparison of SONY FCB-EV9520L and FCB-EV7520/A

In addition to the above three main features, FCB-EV9520L is better than FCB-EV7520/A in terms of wide dynamic, regional focus, regional exposure and regional white balance, and visible light sensitivity. In view of the above, it is natural for FCB-EV9520L to replace FCB-EV7520/A. With the continuous progress of science and technology, the continuous renewal is also to adapt to the development of society.





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