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SONY FCB-EV7100,special HD video camera for medical industry without shadow light

In recent years, the development of high-definition cameras has expanded the choice of video cameras in the medical industry, and many manufacturers of light-less equipment do not understand the advantages of high-definition cameras in the medical field, so they will not know how to choose video cameras. Today, let’s talk about the advantages of SONY FCB-EV7100 in the medical industry.


SONY FCB-EV7100,special HD video camera for medical industry without shadow light - Sony Camera Information - 1

Shadowless lamp application


HD video cameras have network IP and HD-SDI points, so what is the difference between the two, and HD-SDI advantages? The following three aspects are transmission, compression and delay:


First of all, HD-SDI has great advantages in transmission. With the popularization of high-definition, when the traditional analog camera upgrades the high-definition camera, the high-definition network camera is very different from the traditional mode of camera networking. If the upgrade is necessary, the original cable will be abandoned, and the use of HD-SDI scheme, because the traditional analog camera uses basically the same coaxial cable transmission, So the existing cable can be used, which can save a lot of cost and make upgrading easier.


Moreover, video compression coding, due to the network camera in the transmission by its own hardware coding, network transmission capacity and transmission network load limitation, video image must be compressed, and the bit rate setting will be relatively low, and the bit rate level and directly determine the quality of video image, in the video definition and HD-SDI lossless HD digital signal ratio has a certain gap.


Finally, in terms of latency, HD-SDI is much better than network HD cameras. This is because it uses dedicated line transmission and does not need to compress the video signal, so HD-SDI can see almost no delay in the video picture. Relatively speaking, network HD camera to do video compression coding, network transmission, buffer decoding, the process must go down than HD-SDI consume more transmission time.


In the medical industry relative monitoring security requirements are bound to be higher, so the choice of HD-SDI camera is a more appropriate choice, of course, the price will be relatively high, if the budget is limited and choose the standard definition of SONY’s FCB-EX1010P or FCB-EX480CP is a good choice, The FCB-EX480CP is about 440,000 pixels and has 18x optical zoom, while the FCB-EX1010P is also about 440,000 pixels and has 36x optical zoom.


If you choose high-definition camera, here to our products as an example to recommend some suitable for the headend of the light-less dedicated high-definition camera system.

Camera with HD-SDI:

We commonly have SONY FCB-EH6300, FCB-EV7310, FCB-EV7100, FCB-EV7500, FCB-EV7520/A plus mini HD-SDI HD coding control board.


Camera with network IP:

We are also common SONY FCB-EH6300, FCB-EV7310, FCB-EV7100, FCB-EV7500, FCB-EV7520/A plus network coding control board.


Because most users now pursue the small shape of the handle of the light-less lamp, they need a smaller camera, and meet the conditions of SONY FCB-EV7100, 10 times optical zoom million pixel camera, and can remove the whole machine shell only with the movement and control board.


In order to better cooperate with the miniaturization, our company has developed a mini HD-SDI control board, its size is only 42MM*42MM*5MM, and with SONY’s high-definition digital camera FCB-EV7100 can obtain better imaging effect and more convenient use experience.



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