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SONY fcb camera wide dynamic and strong light suppression difference

In the field of video surveillance applications, there is a lot of demand for watching license plates at night, such as toll stations, parking lot intersections, community entrances, etc. The general camera can not meet the requirements is caused by the strong light of the oncoming headlights, and the strong light suppression of SONY FCB camera is a technology developed to solve such problems. So Xuan Zhan technology for you to analyze the strong light suppression, at the same time with the current application of more wide dynamic function compared, distinguish the difference between the two, more convenient for us to choose their own surveillance camera.

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The strong light suppression of SONY FCB camera is mainly to suppress the strong light in the face. It is to process the video information of the strong light part through DSP in the image, and adjust the signal brightness of the video to the normal range, so as to avoid the contrast between the front and back of the same image. Simply speaking, the function of strong light suppression is to use DSP technology to weaken the strong light part and brightened the dark light part to achieve light balance.

Four methods to achieve strong light suppression:

1. Backlight compensation (BLC)

Re-specify the metering area on the screen to ensure correct exposure by focusing on metering to avoid silhouette in darker areas.

2. White peak reversal (H.L. I) mode

The image processing function of the camera is used to invert the part with small area and high brightness value on the screen.

3. Double exposure to extend dynamic range

The dual-speed CCD image sensor can be used to expose the scene for long and short time respectively in the same time. The two images are stored in the memory and synthesized in DSP to get an image with dark parts and high brightness parts.

4. Multi-stage sampling mode

In the best cumulative time to each pixel as a unit of shooting, can effectively solve the problem of backlight shooting, to achieve a real sense of wide dynamic.

See here you will feel and wide dynamic a bit similar, in fact, they have a very close way in light processing, are sensitive to light, but, from the application and principle of subdivision, there are many differences between the two. To put it simply, strong light suppression is the inhibition of light source, highlighting the subject before the strong light source; Is to capture the main object in a strong backlight environment. The wide motion of SONY’s FCB camera is used in places with a large gap between light and dark, which not only captures the subject but also retains the background image.

From the above content, we can understand that strong light suppression is a technology to improve the level of wide dynamic, support strong light suppression of most of the wide dynamic effect is good, so in the selection of cameras to first clear the environment we want to use, road monitoring license plate mostly to have strong light suppression. I hope this article can help you to have a further understanding of strong light suppression.

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